V Festival – Update 3

Monday 24th August 2015 – 7.30am – John Hawker.


As of this morning, just over 1000 people have been treated by on-site medical staff at V Festival at Weston Park during the weekend.

Since the gates opened, on-site ambulance crews have been called out 178 times and a total of 36 people have been taken off site to hospital. They include several people with suspected fractured ankles and lower leg injuries from trips and falls and also patients with medical complaints.

The medical cover for the festival has been provided by a team of more than 300 staff and volunteers from West Midlands Ambulance Service, Venture Event Medical Management and St. John Ambulance. The team are operating a medical centre on site, along with a command and control centre which is co-ordinating ambulances and other medical staff who are stationed within the main arena and in the campsite areas.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “This year, many of the patients were treated for medical issues and medical staff also saw a number of people having been injured after suffering a fall around the site.

“With tens of thousands of people all in one place, it’s always expected that some people will fall ill and require medical help. At Weston Park, the team of more than 300 staff and volunteers are on hand and have worked extremely hard to ensure every patient is given the very best treatment. The staff and volunteers will continue to remain on site all day today, until the last of the campers have left.

“Thank you to Venture Event Medical Management, St. John Ambulance and all of our members of staff for their hard work ensuring a safe festival for all those attending.”


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