More pictures, fewer words

Wednesday 26th August 2015 – 8:50am – Laura Pitt.


Do you prefer to see pictures instead of reading lengthy articles?  If so, then look no further; West Midlands Ambulance Service has launched its own Instagram page.

The Trust already use Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and Flikr but wanted to include a younger audience, so have started using the photo sharing social media site Instagram – our account is @OfficialWMAS

Laura Pitt, from the Communications team, said: “As a teenager, I know how popular Instagram is with my friends so it was natural for me to suggest that the Trust started using the site.

“Although I have only been with the team for a short while, I can see how important some of the issues that the ambulance service deals with are to people of my age and younger.

“Instagram is different to other social media sites as it is primarily based on photos with a short caption.

“Many people my age aren’t interested in reading long articles, so by using Instagram, we can get important messages over to them, which ultimately could save a life.

“If you follow our account @OfficialWMAS you’ll see pictures of everything from road traffic incidents, safety campaigns, things that our staff get up to whether it’s helping earthquake victims in Nepal or our Trust Mascot going to a school event.

“In the few weeks since we started using Instagram, we’ve been posting pictures daily to make sure we keep our followers up to date.

“Why not have a look at the page and if you think there is something that we could do to improve it, take part in our survey at:


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