Two in one day – another ambulance vandalised in Warwickshire

Monday 7th September 2015 – 1.45pm – Claire Brown.

Ambulance bumper September 6 2015 Ambulance bumper 2 September 6 2015

Whilst the Trust is reeling from an attack on an ambulance in Shrewsbury from the weekend, another ambulance in Warwickshire was also vandalised yesterday.

The ambulance was parked up outside a property in Ten Acres in Alcester yesterday afternoon at around 4.45pm when the attack happened. When the ambulance crew returned to the vehicle after treating a patient inside a property, they noticed the bumper of the vehicle had been prised off on one side.

Thankfully, the ambulance crew did not need to take their patient to hospital so they returned to the ambulance hub where the vehicle had to be taken off the road for the remainder of the day until it could be fixed.

Martyn Scott, Area Manager for Warwickshire, said: “It beggar’s belief why someone would do this to an ambulance, a vehicle designed to help save lives.

“The ambulance crew noticed the damage immediately after returning to their vehicle and were very disappointed and upset by the incident.

“Once again, just like the incident we saw in Shrewsbury yesterday, this ambulance had to be taken off the road and as a result was unable to respond to 999 calls.

“Warwickshire Police have been notified and we’re working with them to support their investigation.”

Steve Elliker, Head of Security, said: “Why individuals want to vandalise and damage an emergency ambulance which has the primary function of assisting people at their most vulnerable is beyond belief.

“Clearly the Trust will do everything it can to identify and prosecute the small number of individuals who believe it is acceptable to cause criminal damage and I would urge anyone who can assist the police with their investigations to contact them as soon as possible.

“Members of the public should remember that this vehicle, that had to be repaired and was therefore unavailable to respond to emergency calls, could be the one that responds to you or your family one day.”


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