Councillor tours Warwick Ambulance Hub

Thursday 10th September 2015 – 10.40am – John Hawker.


Councillor for Warwick West, John Holland enjoyed a guided tour of Warwick Ambulance Hub last week, after helping to solve an access issue on site.

Councillor Holland has been extremely supportive in getting box junction markings installed outside the Hub and visited to inspect the markings, meet staff and see how a modern ambulance service works.


Parking from local businesses in the roads around the hub has caused problems for staff and local residents since the hub was built, with particular access and egress issues.  WMAS Area Support Officer Richard Dodd, who showed Councillor Holland around the hub, said: “Councillor Holland was extremely interested in the set-up and work of the hub and staff.  He was also happy to see that the box junction is making a real difference to staff as they go about their duties.”

Councillor Holland said: “I was very impressed with the ambulance Hub, its high levels of equipment and technology.  The staff are very committed to their work and their vehicles are well equipped for the task.  The Trusts approach is to try and resolve the patient’s problem as early as possible, thus avoiding the need for hospital treatment if this can be achieved.  Paramedics are now able to resolve 34% of calls completely without the need for further treatment.

“As the local County Councillor I am very proud that this service is being provided from Warwick.”


Councillor Holland is pictured with ASO Richard Dodd after being showed around the Hub.

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