Middle aged woman being given a ‘backie’ on a bike, falls flat on her back and ends up with a fracture

Wednesday 16th September 2015 – 6.30am – Murray MacGregor.

A middle aged woman, who probably ought to have known better, has suffered a suspected fracture dislocation of her left shoulder after falling flat on her back after coming off a bike while being given a ‘backie’

The woman was on the seat of the bicycle while a man was riding the bike, perched on the peddles.

The pair were also carrying about five bags with them when they lost control whilst peddling on a cycle path beside Pitch Croft Race Course in Worcester at just after 6.30pm on Tuesday evening. Both came off the bike

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “The ambulance crew and paramedic on a rapid response vehicle, who were sent to the scene, worked together to immobilise the woman, who was about 40, using a neck collar and spinal board as they couldn’t rule out neck or back pain due to her being slightly disorientated.

“The woman was given pain relief before being taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital for further assessment and treatment.”

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