Car crashes through wall knocking two staff over, leaving them in a pile of rubble

Friday 25th September 2015 – 8.45pm – Murray MacGregor.

Two men had the surprise of their life when a car came through the wall of the industrial unit they were working in knocking them to the floor.

Incredibly though, despite being left on the floor in a cloud of dust and fallen masonry, they only had a few cuts, bumps and bruises and neither required hospital treatment.

The incident happened in Stratford Street North in the Sparkbrook area of Birmingham at about 3.50pm on Friday afternoon.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “When we were called, we were told that a car had gone into a building, but when the ambulance, rapid response vehicle and paramedic area support officer arrived they found that the red Seat had also collided with the driver’s side of a grey Audi A3.

“The front of the car had gone through the wall of the building but had only got about 8 inches through the other side. Despite that, it had caused the raised table area on the other side to be shoved forward knocking the two men beside it to the floor.

“The men were thrown to the ground. Although not trapped, they were covered in dust and debris. The first, who was 28, had some leg pain, while the other, who was 61, had pain down the right side of his body. After being assessed at the scene, they were discharged.

“The driver of the Seat car had minor pain to his nose and leg but refused hospital treatment and was left with police.

“There was no structural damage to the building but the ambulance crews said it was only a matter of luck that this wasn’t a very much more serious incident.”

Car through wall (25-09-15) 1 Car through wall (25-09-15) 2

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