Another golf club swings into life

Thursday 22nd October 2015 – 9.40am – John Hawker.

Another golf club swings into life saving

A golf club in Warwickshire has joined the ‘life saving list’ thanks to a project by WMAS.  Stonebridge Golf Centre in Meriden is the latest club to receive a defibrillator from the Trust on Tuesday 6th October.

Kelvin Pugh, General Manager at Stonebridge Golf Centre said:  “Being a leisure venue and catering for all ages we realised there is a risk of someone having a cardiac arrest whilst they are with us and we wanted to be able to help that person if that situation presents itself. We’re really pleased to have this device from WMAS along with the fantastic training associated with it so our staff can help members or guests in their time of need. We do hope that we don’t have to use it but we are prepared if the situation arises and all our staff will be confident to help.”

Andy Jeynes, the Trust’s Community Response Manager, said: “If someone’s heart stops half a mile out on the fairway it’s vital they get help fast so we’re pleased to add another life-saving golf club to the list.”

Emma Bogle, the Trust’s Head of Community Response, said: “Golf is the 5th biggest participation sport in the UK and if someone’s heart stops half a mile out on the fairway it’s vital they get help fast.

“We’ve teamed up with golf clubs across the Region providing them with defibrillators and training so that they’re ready to start vital life-saving care whilst we’re on the way as, in cardiac arrest cases, for every minute CPR is delayed the chances of a patient surviving rapidly decreases. Defibrillators are incredibly easy and safe to use and, nowadays, even talk you through the steps of how to use them so you really cannot go wrong.”


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