Halloween weekend has all the ingredients to be extremely busy one

Thursday 29th October 2015 – 10am – Jamie Arrowsmith.

Merry  Halloween . postcard.

Mix together a sprinkling of Halloween, a pinch of pay day weekend and the darkening nights and the result is an extremely busy few days ahead for the ambulance service.

In order to ensure everyone enjoys a safe and spooky Halloween weekend, West Midlands Ambulance Service is urging everyone to take extra care of themselves, as well as keeping an eye out for others whilst enjoying the ghostly goings on.

With Halloween falling on Saturday, large numbers of parties are expected to take place as well as plenty of youngsters heading out ‘trick or treating’.

Wherever you are heading, please make sure you wear something bright to ensure you are visible to car drivers or carry a torch or glow stick. We would also encourage all parents to accompany their little terrors as they creep around the neighbourhood and be aware who they scare.

The Trust also urges motorists to take care when driving and be aware that there could be many more pedestrians out and about in the dark than previously, throughout the course of the next few months, not just this weekend. Similarly, cyclists should also make sure they can be seen and have bright and reflective clothing and working lights.

WMAS Emergency Services Director, Craig Cooke, said: “First and foremost we want everyone to have fun this weekend.

“But we also want everyone to enjoy themselves safely which is where you can help yourselves, others and us.

“Be more aware if you are driving and if you are going trick or treating or heading to a Halloween party, make sure you are not alone and can clearly be seen by others.

“Looking after yourself is one thing but we would also urge you to look out for others over the weekend. In turn this will hopefully ensure we are kept free to attend those real life threatening emergencies.

“We will have a lot of extra resources on the roads throughout the region as well as extra manager cover all weekend to ensure we maintain the highest level of patient care.

“As always, our thanks go to all of our staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication.”


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