Excellence in the Community Awards 2015 – award winners and their citations

Midlands Air Ambulance

Yvonne & David Smart, Cathy Glear and Mary Nicholls, Midlands Air Ambulance Charity – Stourbridge
Yvonne and David Smart, Yvonne’s sister, Cathy Glear, and Mary Nicholls have jointly volunteered for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity for over 15 years and, to date, have raised over £45,000 helping to fund 18 lifesaving air ambulance missions across the region.
Their incredible dedication to helping others is hugely appreciated by everyone at the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity. The foursome together with a group of almost 30 volunteers from the local area, knit and sell items at a charity stall at Russells Hall Hospital. They have a great relationship with their local community. It was therefore fitting for their dedication to be recognized at this award ceremony.


St John Ambulance

Rosemary Roberts, Steve Morris. St John Ambulance, West Bromwich
In June 2015 and on a West Midlands Ambulance Service call-out, Rosemary Roberts and Steve Morris were called as backup to the Community Paramedic who was attending to a man in cardiac arrest.
At the scene Rose and Steve became crucial to the man being resuscitated. They were commended by the on-scene paramedic for their professionalism and dedication to patient care at a very stressful situation.
They are awarded a Chief Officer Commendation for their outstanding work at the scene.

Heather Griffiths. St John Ambulance, Birmingham

Heather Griffiths stopped to help a man who became unwell in the street. When he fell unconscious she called an ambulance and got him into the recovery position. When he stopped breathing she got him on his back and commenced CPR. A First Responder arrived and delivered two shocks. The patient fully recovered fully. Heather was awarded a Chief Officer Commendation.

Neil Hadley, Jon Mannion, Ana Ferguson, Ben Turner. St John Ambulance, Birmingham
After being alerted to a road accident that had taken place just around the corner from their offices, St John personnel quickly made their way to the scene of the incident which had resulted in a car being flipping on to its roof.
They arrived on scene within minutes of the incident occurring and liaised with a junior doctor who had been walking-by at the time.
They quickly established what had happened and went about trying to see what they could do to help.
The team provided initial medical help and assisted emergency services as they arrived.
The speedy response and professional care to the patients given by these individuals showed SJA acting in a highly professional way.
They were presented with Chief Officer Commendations for their outstanding work.

Heather Sharp

St John Ambulance covers all of Worcester Warriors’ home games at the Sixways Stadium. They provide a controller, while West Midlands Ambulance Service provides a Bronze and Silver Officer in the control room for match days.
Heather Sharp has worked tirelessly to get things working smoothly between the organisations. She has developed a fantastic working relationship with WMAS. For her valuable work she was presented with a Chief Officer Commendation.


Members of the public and colleagues in other blue light services

PC Alan Figueiredo, PC Susan Goddard, PC Richard Rees, PC Adrian Weaver
Four officers from West Mercia Police were commended for their outstanding assistance to ambulance staff at an incident in Worcester during April. The officers were called to a serious mental health incident at a house in the town and being first on scene they were immediately faced with the resuscitation of a patient. They were soon joined by ambulance staff and together the patient received the necessary treatments and was later taken to hospital. Chief Officer Commendations were awarded to them for the important part played by the officers at this difficult and demanding incident.

Ruth Adams, Samantha Murray, Bethany Jesson, Jonathan Hunt
Portway Lifestyle Centre in Oldbury was the scene of frantic efforts to treat a man who collapsed in cardiac arrest in January. Ambulance staff praised the Leisure Centre team for their exceptional presence of mind in providing a defibrillator, initial first aid and CPR to the patient before the arrival of ambulance staff. It was a successful resuscitation. The Portway Leisure staff were presented with Chief Officer Commendations for their prompt actions in treating the patient

Emma Dale, Sean Burrell, Martin Wright, James Kennedy

Staff from the Power League Recreation Centre in Cradley were on hand to come to the aid of a young patient who collapsed on the premises earlier this year. The alarm was raised when centre staff quickly responded to assist a 17 year old man who was found to be in cardiac arrest. Using the defibrillator and basic life support the team gave the young man the best possible chance of life. On behalf of all the team members involved, Chief Officer Commendations were awarded to Emma Dale, Sean Burrell, Martin Wright and James Kennedy .

Bob Smith

A member of Stratford Boat Club suffered a cardiac arrest whilst rowing on the Avon near the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in July. The single scull capsized leaving the man submerged underwater. He was spotted by a Royal Shakespeare Company member of staff who noticed he was in trouble and raised the alarm.
The quick thinking and actions of staff contributed to the saving of the patient. Both CardioPulmonary Resuscitation and the defibrillator were administered to the patient with the support of his fellow boat club colleagues before emergency services arrived.
Bob Smith collected Chief Officer Commendations on behalf of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Elizabeth Cater, Worcestershire

In September a gentleman collapsed next to his vehicle in a Worcestershire car park. Fortunately for him, Elizabeth Cater was close at hand. A Community First Responder was mobilised to the incident as well as a paramedic. They both state that it was the actions of the lady who was doing CPR when they arrived that greatly improved his chance of recovery. Her swift actions in helping to save this gentleman is a tremendous example of team work for which she was awarded a Chief Officer Commendation.


AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Trainer in Excellence Award

Rob Underwood

Rob Underwood from Redditch created a charity ‘Charlotte and Craig Saving Hearts Foundation’ which campaigns for CPR education and the placement of Defibrillators. He has placed over 40 defibrillators and trained people in the lifesaving skills needed when someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest. He continues to work with schools and has assisted with the Golf Club and 500 Defib Projects in conjunction with West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Stuart Grainger

Stuart Grainger is no stranger to our award ceremonies. He was our Volunteer of the Year last year. This year he is back to be commended for his dedication to recent AED projects across Coventry and Warwickshire especially by delivering the training required. A lot of patience and personal sacrifice has been made by Stuart to support the Golf Club AED project for the Trust where he has excelled in helping to place defibs and save lives on golf courses.

Mick Duncan

Mick Duncan is a Community First Responder with the Rugeley CFR group but also organises and supports HeartStart courses within Staffordshire. Mick has given up many hours travelling far and wide to courses using his own vehicle at his own cost in order to provide vital emergency life skills training. Mick has also provided huge amounts of support to the Crucial Crew that is delivered in Staffordshire offering 10 and 11 year olds a snapshot training session in CPR. Vital awareness training wouldn’t be possible without volunteers like Mick. He is a great help to the Community Response team.


Community Initiative Awards

Inspector Paul Bennett

The Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG) covers the busiest section of Motorway within the country attending all personal Injury and life threatening emergencies. The CMPG in partnership with West Midlands Ambulance Service has installed an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on every response car on the Motorway network and additionally have been instrumental in placing AEDs in service stations and other motor providers ensuring that the motorway network in the West Midlands is the safest in the UK.
These initiatives have brought about a step change in delivering patient care in a difficult and often remote road network increasing the chance of survival for all road users.


Business Support Awards

drpvideo: Dale Parmenter, Ian Hough

In August 2011, Ian Hough suffered a cardiac arrest at Stourport rowing Regatta in Worcestershire.
Ian was lucky. Stourport Boat Club didn’t have its own defibrillator and had this happened on a normal day, Ian knows he would probably now be dead. But because the club was hosting a regatta that day, event medical provision was laid on – and that meant there was a defibrillator on site.
Ian has gone on to make a full recovery. He is living his normal life. He enjoys a drink. He still races … and wins.
His employer, a company called drpvideo produced a film about Ian’s cardiac arrest as part of its 35th anniversary marked by 35 Corporate Social Responsibility projects. This video will go on to help and support the placement of AEDs in public places for the treatment of out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest.
Ian Hough received a Chief Officer Commendation.
Dale Parmenter of drpvideo received a Business Support Award.
The film can be seen on youtube by entering “Pull Through NHS”.

Guest Motors: Rob Spittle
Guest Motors in West Bromwich has supported FastAid since its beginning approx. 10 years ago. They have kindly provided FastAid Birmingham & Solihull with scheme responder cars. The first was an Alfa Romeo. This was then replaced by a second Alfa. After this the dealership provided a 4×4 Fiat Panda which has just been replaced by a Jeep Renegade. We acknowledge their help and support which has contributed to the success of the CFR schemes in so many ways.
In recognition of their support Rob Spittle, MD from Guest Motors was presented with a Business Support Award.

Beechenhill Farm: Sue & Terry Prince

Sue & Terry Prince run Beechenhill Farm (an organic farm) in Ilam. The farm is also a B&B, self-catering and wedding venue. They have raised hundreds of pounds for the CFR scheme from variety of sources – donations from guests; Sue providing a taxi service; donations in lieu of payment for various lectures that they give; art exhibitions; afternoon teas and much more. They are very supportive of all that we do despite running a demanding business.
They were presented with a Business Support Award in recognition of their hard work and dedication to the CFR scheme.


Community First Responders – Distinguished Service Awards

Heather Stone, Worcester

Heather Stone is commended for her work in the Worcester area, not only for her work as CFR but also her commitment to attending engagement events. Heather is passionate about the ambulance service and the role of CFR. She is fantastic at events showing children how to do CPR and giving tours of the vehicle.
Heather was awarded in recognition of her support.

Tim Hodges, Upton-upon-Severn

The local community and ambulance staff have nothing but praise for Tim Hodges’ commitment and drive for the local CFR scheme and for the high degree of patient care that is administered by him. In some cases due to its rural location those skills have had to be done to a level and skill to be commended.
His commitment is far beyond what is normally expected for a volunteer responder and is recognised by the presentation of this Distinguished Service Award.

Dave Harford

Dave Harford Joined the scheme in September 2010 and is a community first responder for the Worcester/Malvern area.
Dave has since become a Coordinator and has been instrumental in obtaining a CFR car and improved overall awareness of the scheme. He continually works on-call five days a week from work and also weekends.
Dave rarely misses a training session and attended numerous scenario days in order to enhance his learning. He has also arranged with the local fire service various road traffic collision exercise events that has been well supported.

Nick Freeman

Nick Freeman has been a very active CFR for the Shrewsbury scheme since he joined in 2011. Nick devotes many hours to his community and is always eager to assist in supporting the training of new CFRs. Nick is a very active fundraiser for the group securing Lottery funding for the purchase of new defibrillators for the Shrewsbury CFR Scheme and then donating the older but still serviceable units to the communities of Shrewsbury and Rea Valley for use as Automated External Defibrillator sites that are accessible 24 hours a day by the local community.

Nigel Keighley

Nigel Keighley has been a CFR since 2011 and dedicates many hours to his community of Oswestry. In addition, Nigel is the coordinator of Oswestry and District CFR Group. Since Nigel has taken over the coordination, the group has moved from strength-to-strength and now has a scheme car in Oswestry and St Martins. Nigel is pivotal within the group’s engagement with the local communities and is also a Heartstart instructor, teaching members of the community how to be confident with basic life support skills to help save a life.

Tina Thomas

Tina Thomas supports CFR schemes all across Worcestershire but particularly the Kington area. She also gives support to the new CFRs which is far and beyond what is expected from any member of the CFR team.
Tina is commended for such hard work so please come forward to accept your Distinguished Service Award.

Dave Tew

Dave Tew works tirelessly in the Redditch area, showing tremendous dedication to the role of a CFR and supporting the local area with continued volunteer operational hours.
Dave is an avid supporter of the CFR scheme, which takes a great deal of time, travelling and dedication to both local and regional issues. Dave is commended for his efforts in the Hereford &Worcester Community with a Distinguished Service Award.

Mark Axeby, Long Compton

With just over a years’ service to the community as a CFR, Mark Axeby has certainly made an impression. A dedicated CFR who has built up his skills and knowledge to the extent that when crews arrive to see a CFR there they are reassured it is Mark. His full time job is in transporting passengers as he is a bus driver and these communication/customer-facing skills transfer into the CFR world; he goes beyond the required hours and has attended many serious cases where the extra pair of hands were really appreciated.
Mark also this year ventured abroad to Uganda as part of a team helping communities develop. Mark was in the community teaching First Aid and working with the A&E Doctors. The team is trying to get 75% of youths all over Uganda taught first aid as well as trying to set up a national base for emergencies.
Mark’s dedication to his community and the communities abroad makes him a CFR who always goes that extra mile and deserving of his Distinguished Service Award.

Harry Smith, Coventry

Harry Smith has been a CFR for just over one year and has established himself as a dedicated CFR. His full time job is in sales management and these personable skills transfer easily into the CFR world; he goes beyond the required hours and has attended many serious cases of Trauma and Cardiac Arrests. So Harry, please come forward to accept your Distinguished Service Award.

Ann Peters

Ann Peters became a responder in 2005 and helped to set up the Brewood CFR group and is still its Chair. Ann puts in many voluntary hours every month to help her community by responding, fundraising and supporting behind the scenes. Ann also provides life support awareness training to the general public and fully supports the community response team. Ann shows a calm, enthusiastic, professional manner and her commitment and dedication is clear for all to see and is fully deserving of her Distinguished Service Award.

Kim Jefferies

Kim Jefferies has been pivotal to the Telford CFR group since joining in 2011. The hours Kim has committed have been unmeasurable with behind-the-scenes support to the communities of Telford. Kim has just completed a three-year role as the scheme coordinator and continues to be a very active CFR today.

Liz Quickenden

Liz Quickenden is the coordinator for Cleobury Mortimer CFR Group and dedicates many hours cover to her community. Liz’s passion, professionalism and drive is first class. Beyond the CFR role, Liz also teaches Heartstart within and around the community of Cleobury Mortimer; helping all age groups to learn lifesaving skills.

Russell Brookes

Russell Brookes has been involved with Shropshire CFRs since the early days back in 2001 and was one of the members on the very first training course based in Shropshire. From this, Russell became a member of the very first scheme in Newport in Shropshire in May 2001. Today, Russell continues to show immense commitment to his role as a CFR and furthermore, is Newport’s coordinator and represents Shropshire on the CFR Regional forum. In addition, Russell helps with interviews for new CFR recruits and still manages to commit over 30 hrs a week to his community on call as a CFR.
His commitment is far beyond what is normally expected for a volunteer responder.


Community First Responders – Chief Officer Commendations:

Karen Ratcliffe
Although Karen Ratcliffe is now an ex-CFR she is still a keen supporter of FastAid and regularly helps with events and fundraising. However, once a CFR – always a CFR!
Karen is involved with a series of ‘Park Runs’ which take place every Saturday morning in Solihull. In May, Karen was not running as she was taking her turn to marshall the event and was equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator from FastAid. Suddenly a 60-year-old runner passed her and collapsed. Karen immediately identified that the gentleman was in cardiac arrest and applied the pads, the first time ever despite her years in FastAid. A shock was advised by the defibrillator. By the time the first paramedic arrived the man was conscious and talking.

Martin Hill, Bridgnorth

A nine-year-old girl with severe learning difficulties had fallen and cut her head. She and her foster carer were very distressed. The girl was fine apart from her wound and needed to travel to hospital to have treatment. However, it was felt that an ambulance would distress the patient therefore CFR Martin Hill very kindly offered to travel with the parents for the 25 minute journey to Russells Hall hospital to reassure and entertain the girl and offer peace of mind to the foster parent who was driving. This is an act of kindness and compassion from a highly regarded CFR.


Barry Cattan

Barry Cattan has over 5 years’ service and is the co-ordinator for the Stratford-upon-Avon Scheme. In June 2015 he was first on scene to a four year old child in difficulty in a swimming pool in Morocco. Barry was on holiday and heard the commotion and went to see. He got involved in the rescue and started CPR. He was then assisted by another tourist from the fire service based in Ireland. This had become serious as there was no AED provision at the hotel. An Ambulance was called but there was no paramedic…just a bed in a van marked Ambulance. They themselves moved the boy and continued CPR en-route to hospital. By then, the boy was breathing. Later that day Barry heard that the child was responsive. Barry was commended for his actions in the most demanding of situations.

Elizabeth Fisher

The actions and conduct of CFR Elizabeth Fisher when she came across a road traffic accident while off duty went above and beyond.
South of Coventry, a motorcyclist was in collision with a turning car, his bike travelled 100 meters down the road. She quickly assessed the patient who was not breathing, turned him over and started CPR until the crew arrived.
The crew and the Merit doctor carried on with the resus attempts.
Although the outcome for the patient was not positive, the actions of Elizabeth Fisher as a CFR to attempt to save this man’s life were described as outstanding.

Steve Wilde, Penkridge

Early this year Steve Wilde was responded to a collision involving a motorcycle and a large 4×4 vehicle. The patient was being resuscitated by two police officers. Steve immediately took over basic life support. He continued to work with the doctors and ambulance crews throughout the incident providing any help he could. The patient was transported to hospital but later died. As a result of the efforts from all on scene the patient’s organs were made available and donated to five recipients, some of whom were children. A week after the accident, Steve took flowers to the local police station for the two women police officers who had been first on scene as a thank you for the help they’d given him. Steve’s quick thinking calm approach to a very challenging job was rewarded with a Chief Officer Commendation.

Eddie Malpass

In August, Eddie Malpass responded to a young child found face down in a garden pond. Eddie immediately started basic life support until paramedics arrived. Reports from the paramedic officer in attendance said that Eddie was providing excellent CPR, with good airway control. The child was later flown to hospital. It has since been reported that the child is now running around. An amazing result for all concerned thanks to the initial work undertaken by Eddie.
Eddie conducted himself professionally and calmly at a very stressful time and undoubtedly contributed to the fantastic recovery of the child.

Paul Grove

Paul Grove, a CFR in the Black Country was asked to attend an emergency call to a male in cardiac arrest in a supermarket in Stourbridge. Paul was on scene within minutes and delivered the first shock from his defibrillator prior to the paramedic arriving on scene. The shock was successful. Paul continued to assist the paramedic. The patient made a good recovery and Paul received a glowing comment from paramedic Lee Farley: “As you know I am a great fan of our CFRs and very proud of Paul and his swift response which in this case has made a fantastic outcome”.

Margaret Shermer, Denstone

In August there was a serious road accident in Staffordshire. Margaret Shermer arrived shortly after the paramedic. In the words of the paramedic: “After I had triaged the two patients I was able to leave Margaret to look after the less injured (although still badly injured) casualty leaving me free to deal with the more seriously injured. Margaret exuded confidence and was a huge help on scene providing both medical assistance and a great deal of reassurance to a very distressed patient. Margaret was very kind and reassuring to passers-by who had also witnessed the event.”

Alan Bartlett, Kings Norton

In July of this year there was a serious road traffic collision on the M5 in Gloucestershire. The incident involved 5 cars and 2 lorries. One of the cars had been pushed under the back of a fuel tanker with two people trapped in the front. Alan ‘Alfie’ Bartlett was just behind in the traffic and was on scene almost immediately dealing with the trapped patients. The senior operations officer from the South West Ambulance Service described his actions as beyond the call of a Community Responder.


Chief Officer Commendation:

Mick Slater

In one of the most harrowing cases of recent years, a Community First Responder and an ambulance crew went to the aid of a Grandmother who desperately defended her 3 year old grand-child from a vicious dog attack on their farm near Stoke. For over an hour the grandmother battled to prize the child away from the dog. She eventually managed to escape by getting into a car. Arriving first on scene was the CFR who bravely fought off the dog and managed to start treating both patients until help arrived. Ambulance crew Mick Slater and a colleague arrived shortly after and all three were commended for their bravery and safeguarding actions during this extremely dangerous incident. Eventually the patients were taken to hospital for treatment for bite extensive injuries. Only Mick was able to attend the ceremony.


Posthumous awards

Jeff Watkins

Jeff Watkins joined Fastaid in January 2008. He was a quiet but dedicated man who forged links not only within the ambulance service but also the fire service. Eager to acquire new skills he rarely missed a training session and attended numerous scenario days in order to enhance his learning. When confronted with illness Jeff continued to give his time and efforts by helping to organise and attend fundraising events and driving other responders to calls. When he moved to Birmingham two years ago he continued to respond in the Black Country as he didn’t want to lose the strong friendships he had made over the years and subsequently became a committee member, overseeing uniform supplies. Responding was a large part of Jeff’s life.
The Trust would like to thank Jeff for all the time and energy he gave to Community Response, he was a true gentleman and a team player who will be sadly missed.
An award dedicated to Jeff was presented to Dawn Watkins.


Kate Hardwicke
Kate Hardwicke was a registered nurse and midwife, yet she dedicated most of her spare time to saving lives and educating the community as a CFR. In 2011 she was awarded a Chief Officer Commendation, she was a key part of the Long Compton CFR Scheme and an immensely dedicated and well respected CFR in her home village of Brailes. Kate will be enormously missed by all who knew her, she was a totally dedicated First Responder. Kate passed away in June. An award dedicated to Kate was presented to Tony Hardwicke.


Outstanding Achievement Awards presented to individuals who have given long and distinguished service.

Ian Thompson

Ian Thompson became a responder in 2000 before making it a career move and joining WMAS to realise his ambition to become a paramedic. Ian has never forgotten his roots and continues to make himself available to respond in the community and he also supports and coordinates the work of 25 CFRs in the Bridgnorth district of South Shropshire. For his long commitment to the essential work of the Community First Responder schemes in South Shropshire, Ian Thompson was presented with an Outstanding Achievement Award.

Keith Higginson

Keith has served as a CFR for 10 years and has decided to at the end of this year. He holds a Queen’s Emergency Services Medal and has been previously honoured with a Chief Officer Commendation.
Keith is a very dedicated CFR who has raised the awareness of CFRs in the community alongside immense amounts of fundraising to keep the scheme running. As a CFR he has helped hundreds of patients in and around Shipston and he has shown the utmost care and compassion for every case he has attended.

Steve Parry, Shrewsbury

Steve has literally done it all in the ambulance service. From control operative to ambulance officer, Air Ambulance to Press Office. Perhaps he is best known for organising regional, national and international events as well as this event over the past couple of years. For once he is not in charge this evening. He is a guest and as such is unable to ‘order’ the Chief Executive and Chairman to stand there and say that! We simply couldn’t let this evening pass without paying tribute to his achievements and contributions in a career spanning 39 years.


Special Awards

Richard Stanton, Rhiannon Davies

When an infant dies, it is one of the most difficult experiences imaginable. Tragically, in 2009 that is exactly what happened to Richard Stanton and Rhiannon Davies. Their daughter Kate was born at Ludlow Midwife-Led maternity unit. Unfortunately, Kate’s condition deteriorated rapidly and she was airlifted to hospital. Sadly Rhiannon was also unwell and only Richard was able to be with Kate in her final moments. Richard and Rhiannon have been campaigning since the death of Kate for improvements in the care and treatment that new-borns receive.

West Midlands Ambulance Service has worked closely with Rhiannon and Richard to listen to their concerns and have implemented improvements. For example, with any maternity emergency, if the call indicates either an imminent birth or an obstetric emergency, then two ambulances are sent. Other changes include the introduction of new medical equipment and additional obstetric and gynaecological training for staff. Another key change has been the introduction of Family Liaison Officers who provide information to bereaved parents from a medical perspective and are someone to talk to.

For their help in improving the way the Trust deals with maternity cases, Richard and Rhiannon received a Special Award for ‘Significant contribution to patient care and safety’.

Richard and Rhiannon said: “We were honoured to be invited and humbled to find ourselves in the company of such selfless individuals, who deservedly received commendation from the Trust’s Chief Executive, Dr. Marsh, for their staggering acts of bravery or philanthropy.

“We have enormous respect for Dr. Marsh, with whom we have been privileged to work since 2013 to enable him to improve his Trust’s handling and management of maternity and neonatal cases.  We are very grateful for the award, and for the recognition from the Ambulance Trust of the commitment we continue to make to ensuring best care is delivered to infants and their families.

“The work we continue to do, and the causes and issues we continue to highlight, are done in memory of our daughter Kate whose life was avoidably lost in 2009.  We want every possible lesson from her death to be learned and acted upon so that no other baby is harmed, and no other family has to suffer the tragedy of losing their child following avoidable harm.

“Since 2013 when he learned about Kate’s case Dr. Marsh has listened, learned and taken positive action.  We publically commend him for everything he has done, and we personally thank him from our hearts for committing to never forgetting Kate. “There is still work to be done, and West Midlands Ambulance Service remains dangerously underfunded and under-resourced, which particularly affects our local and rurally isolated community in Ludlow.  As a result we have lobbied the CCG and our MP to address this critical issue.”

Victoria Barrett, Ray Lloyd, Phil Crowther

The Staff Advice and Liaison Service, known as ‘SALS’ offers confidential advisors, counselling, post-incident support, mediation and a number of other services to our staff. The confidential advisors are located across the region and staff can contact them directly with all concerns dealt with sensitively. I’m sure our guests will appreciate the time and effort taken to ensure staff safety and wellbeing is met. Victoria Barrett, Ray Lloyd and Phil Crowther received Outstanding Achievement Awards on behalf of SALS for all the services and support it offers staff.


Volunteer Team of the Year

Alton Towers Community First Responders: Darren Adamson, Caroline Smith, Caroline Storer and Chris Brian

These Community First Responders were the very first on scene at a serious incident at Alton Towers Theme Park earlier this year. They had to climb up onto the scaffolding platform where they were desperately trying to stem the blood loss from two of the 16 casualties. These volunteers put themselves at risk as they were not clipped into any retaining safety system. Once the ambulance crews, air ambulance and doctors arrived on scene the team continued to support WMAS by moving vehicles and carrying equipment to ensure the whole process moved as smoothly as possible. All four conducted themselves in a calm and professional manner under extremely challenging circumstances. The CFRs’ actions were above and beyond the call of duty as employees of Alton Towers and volunteers for West Midlands Ambulance Service, they were simply brilliant.

Alton Towers

Pictures of all the award winners can be downloaded from http://www.flickr.com/photos/officialwmas/sets/

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