Cardiac arrest story inspires watersports centre to get a defibrillator

Cardiac Arrest Story Inspires Watersport’s Centre to Get Defib

Monday 7th December 2015 – 3.30pm – Claire Brown.

A harrowing video of a cardiac arrest survivor was all it took to persuade a watersport’s centre in the Black Country to get a defibrillator.

After seeing the story about Stourport rower Ian Hough on the local news, Chairman of Dudley Rowing Club Tina Boothroy decided it was time to think about saving lives and contacted the ambulance service.

Ian Hough suffered a cardiac arrest during a race at Stourport’s regatta and, fortunately for Ian, there was a defibrillator on site that day which helped to save his life. Earlier this year Ian’s story was turned into a powerfully emotional short film called ‘Pull Through’, produced by his employer drpvideo, to encourage as many clubs, groups, businesses and communities as possible to consider getting a defibrillator.

Andy Jeynes, the Trust’s Community Response Manager provided a free defibrillator to Dudley Watersports Centre, in Highbridge Road, which has around 150 members from various sports disciplines and ages. On the 21st November, 34 of its members were trained in basic CPR and how to use the automated external defibrillator.

Tina Boothroy was one of the members trained in November and said: “It’s the best bit of equipment we could possibly have and I think every sports venue should have one. It’s absolutely brilliant and is going to make such a difference to someone’s life one day.”




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