Crews cope brilliantly with another night of Christmas festivities

Sunday 20th December 2015 – 7.02am – Murray MacGregor.

Another night of Christmas festivities; another night of frenetic activity for ambulance crew, but again West Midlands Ambulance Service staff coped magnificently with the onslaught.

Regionally, call numbers (for the period 8.00pm Saturday – 4.00am Sunday) were up 10% compared to the previous Saturday night, but in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, the figures were just shy of 30% up on the previous week, with double digit rises in Staffordshire (+10.4%) and Black Country (+12.5%).

However, compared to 2014, call numbers regionally were down slightly.

Gold Commander for the evening, Nathan Hudson, said: “It was another hugely busy evening for our crews, but again, they were brilliant and provided a really high quality of service with rapid responses to cases.

“As you would expect we saw a wide range of alcohol related incidents, ranging from people who had fallen over as they couldn’t stand up they were so drunk, to assaults, unconscious patients, and also drug related incidents from people who had taken so called ‘legal highs’.

“Despite often difficult circumstances, staff remained professional and provided high levels of care. Please accept my thanks for the tremendous job that you have all done.”

Figures for the period 8.00pm on Saturday 19th – 4.00am on Sunday 20th 2015 compared to 8.00pm on Saturday 12th – 4.00am on Sunday 13th 2015

Total calls 19th/20th: 1,270
Total calls 12th/13th: 1,152
Birmingham    Black Country    Coventry & Warks    Staffs        Shropshire    Hereford & Worcs
19th/20th       309                     298                       185                               234            88                    156
12th/13th        285                     265                       177                                212            92                    121
Diff                  +24                     +33                       +8                                 +22            -4                     +35
% Diff             +8.4%                +12.5%                 +4.5%                         +10.4%     -4.4%              +28.9%

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