A horse rider has been airlifted after being found wandering in a country lane

Wednesday 23rd March 2016 – 8.25pm – Murray MacGregor.

A horse rider who was found wandering in a country lane, unsure of what had happened to himself, has been airlifted to a major trauma centre.

The man was found near To Summerhill Junction by Brynore Hall in the Criftins area near Ellesmere at around 12.50pm on Wednesday lunchtime.

A community first responder from the St Martins scheme was first on scene and was backed up by an ambulance.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “The 51 year old was wearing a riding helmet and body protection but was in a confused state.  A horse was found running free nearby in the lane.

“The staff on scene tried to stabilise his condition as he had a head injury but in the end requested an air ambulance with a trauma doctor on board. The Midlands Air Ambulance from Cosford was immediately dispatched.

“After further assessment by the doctor, the man was anaesthetised at the scene and flown to Royal Stoke University Hospital.”

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