John and Louise are Masters

Thursday 31st March 2016 – 3.15pm – Chris Kowalik.

Two members of West Midlands Ambulance Service staff are celebrating the completion of a specialist course at the university where their Chief Executive is a Pro-Chancellor.

Hazardous Area Response Team Support Manager John Woodhall and Director of Services Lead Louise Brierley spent three years of their spare time studying at the University of Wolverhampton for their Masters in Emergency Planning Resilience and Response.

The course which covers areas such as business continuity and disaster management and recovery was also attended by staff members from other ambulance services, fire services and NHS England.

John said: “We did it to increase our knowledge of resilience and command and control within the emergency service and the wider NHS. It will improve our strategic overview and general knowledge of emergency planning across all services and interoperability with other agencies.”

John and Louise are pictured with Chief Executive Anthony Marsh who is also a Pro-Chancellor of the University.

John and Louise are Masters John and Louise are Masters 2

Pictures: West Midlands Ambulance Service


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