Do you know what to do if you see a blue light either in front of you or behind?

Earlier this week, one of our corporate tweeters, Rob Moore, was talking about how drivers react when they see blue lights:

“On blue lights yesterday and had cars ahead of us driving through red traffic lights to allow us to pass a few times. Whilst it’s great that people want to help us, this can be really dangerous. If you’re at a red light and there are blue lights behind you, we’ll either find a way around you, or wait. If the blue light vehicle turns its sirens off, this may indicate that we are waiting until it is safe to pass. Please only pass through a red traffic light if a police officer directs you to. Ambulance staff don’t have the powers to ask you to do that.”

This is a really useful video at which explains what to do to help emergency vehicles make progress safely:


  1. Even at the age of 72 and a former Bus Driver for 28 years, I was delighted to watch this very good advice video. It was made quite well and easy to understand.

  2. Night time sat at closed level crossing barriers – second vehicle from front – Ambo pulls to front with blues on. Train passes, barriers raise, red lights go off and Ambo proceeds – car in front sets off, I follow, as I cross the red lights go on – appeared signal man was able to clear Ambulance but didn’t appreciate other road users would follow! There are always exceptions to every rule?

  3. I have footage of an ambulance promoting aggressively the drivers in front to move forward over a red light.

  4. The law allows for NO prosecution if motorist commits offence and it would NOT be in the public interest to progress a case against the offender.. so authorities DO act with leniency in Red light cases where drivers CAREFULLY pass a red light to permit emergency vehicle to pass through… As a number of ACPO officers have said, “Common sense” MUST apply…

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