Is it worth having scarring for the rest of your life or worse? If not, wear the right gear…please.

Friday 6th May 2016 – 9.20am – Murray MacGregor.

With the weather set to provide a gorgeous weekend, ambulance bosses are appealing to motorcyclists not to put themselves at risk by riding without appropriate safety gear.

It follows a case in Birmingham city centre where a young man suffered serious ‘road rash’ after coming off his bike in tracksuit bottoms.

The incident happened on Lee Bank Middleway in the underpass under Bristol Street/Pershore Street at about 4.30pm on Thursday afternoon.

An ambulance was on scene within seven minutes and was backed up by a rapid response vehicle, a paramedic area support officer and a critical care paramedic in a response vehicle.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “When crew arrived they found the rider some distance away from where the remains of his bike were. They were on opposite sides of the dual carriageway.

“Thankfully the rider, who was in his 20s, had not suffered serious injuries. However, his track suit bottoms had offered no protection and he had suffered extensive road rash which is not only painful but can also leave very nasty scarring.

“In addition, the rider was complaining of a shoulder injury; he was immobilised and had a pelvic binder put in place before being taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

“As the weather has warmed up, we have seen people riding in shorts and t-shirts. While no rider expects to come off their motorbike, the reality is that some do. We know from extensive experience that those wearing good quality leathers, boots, gloves and obviously a helmet, suffer far less serious injuries.

“Whilst it may be warm to wear, in our opinion, it is simply not worth the risk to not wear safety equipment – it could ultimately save your life.”


Lee Bank Middleway 1 (05-05-16)Lee Bank Middleway 2 (05-05-16)

It is the same car in both pictures (MD099) – you can see the distance between the rider and his motorbike

Save your skin


  1. I,m in absolute favour of your statement & can not endorse this enough. Please wear the correct riding equipment, even on the shortest of trips

  2. Been saying this for ages but people always argue they will do what they like… guy went past yesterday in a t-shirt on a supersports bike. Don’t understand the mentality. It’s not just you… it’s what other people see when you come off and use the road as a cheese grater… what the emergency services have to deal with… and should you be jammy enough to survive, what your nearest and dearest have to look at every day…

    But yes, it is personal choice.

    Personally I think it should be law.

  3. Worryingly, many moped riders seem to believe that tracksuit bottoms are sufficient protection as ‘they don’t go that fast’. Having fallen from a pedal cycle in the past at around 20mph, the grazing I got was sufficient to counter that argument.

    1. More worrying is the fact that it is almost encouraged. As an adult in my mid-thirties I took up motorcycling. I wore full leathers on a 125cc and was mercilessly mocked by adults… some of whom should know better (due to their professions).

  4. The debate cimes up every year. It’s bad enough that motorcyclist are told what they can and can’t decorate their jackets with. Now people are talking about making it law. Will that mean thst if I have an accident and I’m wearing the wrong jacket ie my old flying jacket as opposed to my fabric jacket with crash pads. Will I be penalised?
    It’s about education and choice, not telling people what to do.

    1. Hi Nick…no-one here is saying what you must or must not do. It is completely up to you, other than the helmet obviously. All we are trying to do is make riders aware of the dangers of not wearing safety gear and what the consequences could be as our staff regularly have to deal with patients, some of whom were not wearing gear, while others did. It is our opinion, nothing more than that, that wearing safety gear is a good idea, but let us be absolutely clear – it is up to the individual to make that choice themself. Thanks for your comment and viewpoint.

  5. As a traffic officer based in Glasgow I am still stunned by the stupidity of some not all riders who’ still have this mentality of never happen to me. Helmet, decent leathers or armour protected suit, armoured boots and gloves. I don’t care that your are over heating but you will thank me when you slide down the road at even low speed.
    Whilst I am ranting what makes pedal,cyclist think it’s ok to cycle down a road a 30/40mph on their pedally bikes with a plastic helmet and spandex to protect them. Seriously about time there was legislation put in place to protect our hard of thinking.
    Rant Over, have a great safe season keep,the black stuff below your tyres and the blue stuff above your helmet.

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