Paramedic helps ‘Rebuild Nepal’


Friday 13th May 2016 – 4pm – Jamie Arrowsmith.


An advanced paramedic from Worcestershire who is determined to help ‘Rebuild Nepal’ has returned from a second visit to the earthquake hit country.

Phil Llewellyn, who is based in Pershore, first visited the country to offer aid in the wake of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck on April 25th, 2015. A second earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 was to hit the region on May 12th.

Phil was so touched by the damage and devastation caused, particularly in the village of Kaule, where he has friends, that he decided he wanted to help further. The village had been completely decimated with homes and schools having been destroyed, as well as people losing their lives.

As a result, Phil set up the charity ‘Rebuild Nepal’. In the months that followed, he worked tirelessly to raise funds to support Kaule, giving talks and holding a Summer Ball, all of which helped to raise £8,000.

On his return to Nepal in March, Phil took eight healthcare professionals with him and because Kaule relies heavily on tourist income generated by the trekking and climbing industry, they set off on an expedition to Annapurna Base Camp at an altitude of 4250m.


During the visit Phil handed over the £8000, enough money to rebuild four houses, and the group were afforded a heart-warming reception by the people of Kaule.

Reflecting on the trip, Phil said: “Kathmandu looks a lot better since the earthquake, but the remote villages, such as Kaule, look pretty much the same.

“For almost 12 months these people have lived under tin sheets and tarpaulin and it is really sad to see.


“The Nepalese people are so loving and genuine and are full of smiles no matter what, but people should not be distracted by the smiles – they are desperate people that have been forgotten.”

Now back in the UK, Phil plans to start fund-raising again in a bid to raise more money to purchase materials needed to rebuild more houses.

If you would like to help fund-raise, or would be interested in arranging Phil to give a talk, visit or email


Notes to Editors:

If used please credit the images to West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Top – Phil Llewellyn talks to the villagers at a presentation to hand over the £8,000.

Middle – The group of healthcare professionals prepare to set off on their trek to Annapurna Base Camp.

Bottom – Living conditions in the village of Kaule.


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