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Did you know that members of the public can volunteer to become a Governor for West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust?

This volunteer’s week, we are celebrating the role of the Governor by providing you with an insight into some of what the role entails and profiling a handful of the Governors that sit on our council.

The Council of Governors represents the local community, staff and key partnership stakeholders interests. It consists of 26 Members; 15 Public Governors, 5 Staff Governors and 6 Appointed Governors. Each of the public and staff Governors are elected by their local communities or staff group via a ballot.

The role of the Governor can help shape the future of your ambulance service, can contribute to key decision making and see first-hand how the front line works by undertaking observational shifts with our dedicated ambulance crews.

One of the most significant obligation for Governors is the duty to hold the Non-Executive Directors individually and collectively to account for the performance of the board directors; and represents the interests of the members of the Trust and the interests of the public.

In addition, Governors are asked to sit on a variety of panels to assist in the development of the service ensuring the best care possible is delivered to the community.

For more information about the role of the Governor please visit http://www.wmas.nhs.uk/Pages/Council-of-Governors.aspx

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Governor for WMAS and would like us to notify you of when a vacancy within your local area becomes available, please contact us via foundationtrust@wmas.nhs.uk with your name, where you live and contact details.

Governors must be a member of the Trust (to sign up, please visit https://www.nhs-membership.co.uk/cms/trust.php?id=119A479D701040AFA83133FC2C38EF0E), be over the age of 16 and live within the area covered by the Service (Birmingham, Black Country, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Coventry, Warwickshire and Staffordshire).

Kick starting our Governor awareness week is Adam Williams.

Adam Williams

Adam is one of three Governors that represents the Birmingham constituent on West Midlands Ambulance Service’s Council of Governors.

“As Governors, it is vitally important for us to represent the views of the public and keep you informed of developments within the service. I’m proud to be a Governor in the Country’s second biggest city. West Midlands has one of the best ambulance services in the country and has some incredible staff and volunteers.”

Adam knows all too well of the importance of volunteering, his role outside of the Trust sees him heading up the volunteering strategy for St. John Ambulance. Alongside his working role, Adam has also volunteered as a Community First responder and a School Governor.

“Being a volunteer not only provides me with the opportunity to represent the views of members of the public but it also provides me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge and understanding of governance, leadership and management.

“One of my biggest goals is to set up structures to ensure young people also get their views heard at the highest level.”

Adam also sit on the Remuneration, Terms of Service and Nominations Panel for the Trust. One of the many duties the panel has is to oversee the appointment processes for the Chair and Non-Executive Directors and making recommendations to the Council of Governors.

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