New greener ambulances designed jointly with staff

Tuesday 7th June 2016 – 11.10am – Murray MacGregor.


West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) has awarded a multi-million pound contract to O&H Vehicle Conversions (‘O&H’) to supply the Trust with over 200 of the most technically advanced and efficient ambulances ever.

After a competitive tender WMAS has awarded the £21m contract to supply 220 double-crewed, front line ambulances over the next four years.  WMAS is one of the few ambulance trusts to rigidly follow a five year front line fleet replacement policy.


WMAS Fleet Services General Manager, Tony Page, said: “Along with our staff, our emergency vehicles are our most important assets.  The five year replacement policy means our staff are able to respond in a modern, good quality ambulance fleet that is reliable and efficient and as comfortable as possible for patients.

“We have been working with our staff and O&H to come up with an innovative design that will mean better working conditions for staff which will translate into it being easier to provide good quality care to patients in their hour of need.

“As well as looking at the layout of the vehicles, the ideas that O&H put into their tender were first rate.  Issues such as how to reduce weight are first class.  The weight saving means that they will be easier to drive, more fuel efficient, cut CO2 emissions and suffer less wear and tear, which ultimately saves money that can be reinvested in recruiting more paramedics, which can only be a good thing for patients.

“We are looking at introducing Lithium Ion battery technology, solar panels as well as lighter, stronger aerospace-type build materials that will allow us to redesign the saloon that will make the lives of our staff considerably easier.

incident officer2

Commenting on the 220-ambulance award from WMAS, O&H Vehicle Conversions sales and marketing director Lee Bott says: “We look forward to supporting West Midlands Ambulance Service’s strategic objectives with a best-in-class fleet founded on engineering innovation and manufacturing excellence.”

WMAS covers an area of 5,000 square mile, with a population of 5.5 million.  It was the only English ambulance trust to exceed every performance metric in 2015-16.


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