Staffordshire athletic club looking after its sporting patrons

Enville Athletic Social Club

Wednesday 8th June 2016 – 3.40pm – Claire Brown.

Whether you’re a cricketer, footballer, walker or cyclist, an athletic club in a South Staffordshire village is primed and ready if the worst should happen.

Enville Athletic Social Club is now home to a community defibrillator from the British Heart Foundation; a device used to help restart the heart of someone in cardiac arrest. At the end of May, 12 volunteers from the running section were given a hands-on training session in basic life support, CPR and how to use their new device by the Trust’s Community Response Manager Andy Jeynes.

David Thomas, Chairman at Enville Athletic Social Club, said: “The Club would like to thank the British Heart Foundation for the supply of the unit which will be available for use by the members of the Football and Cricket Clubs, running section, Enville village, Enville estate as well as the walkers, cyclists and hikers that use the Staffordshire Way.

“Whilst it is hoped that the defibrillator will not be required it is a valuable piece of lifesaving equipment that is available at all times to serve the community. The Club would also like to record their appreciation to Mr Andy Jeynes, from the Ambulance Service who led a training course and commissioned the equipment.”

Andy Jeynes, Community Response Manager, said: “A busy sports and leisure venue such as this is a prime location for a defibrillator. With an estimated 60,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the UK each year, the chance of a person surviving a cardiac arrest falls by 10 per cent for every minute that passes without an AED being used.

“Survival rates can be as high as 75 per cent when patients are treated with the right care and a defibrillator in time.”



Notes to Editor: Pictured are Andy Jeynes, David Thomas, Roger Howe (Installed the equipment), Angela Fradley (Committee member), Barry Reynolds (Football representative), Lynn Reynolds (Enville Senior Citizens)

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