‘Emergency Biker’ is made an MBE

Saturday 11th June 2016 – 7am – Jamie Arrowsmith.

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“I’m very humbled, but I’m only doing the same job as all of the other paramedics who turn up for work every day.”

Those are the words of West Midlands Ambulance Service’s Motorcycle Paramedic Steve Harris who has been made an MBE in the Queen’s Official Birthday Honour’s List.

Affectionately known as Forrest by colleagues and fans of Channel 5’s Emergency Bikers, Steve joined the service in 1978 and has worked as a biker paramedic for 20 years. During that time, Steve has provided patient care to thousands of people in Birmingham City Centre and beyond.

The award of the MBE comes just a year after Steve, from Smethwick, received a President’s Commendation at the Ambulance Service Institute Awards at the House of Lords.

Speaking about being made an MBE, Steve said: “I am a mixture of totally thrilled and gobsmacked.

“I don’t understand why I am being singled out for this award, it feels like I am being recognised for turning up to work, but I am incredibly grateful.

“It is very humbling that someone thinks I am worthy of being nominated and even more so that it has been accepted.

“I thoroughly enjoy my job and being able to provide care to patients in their hour of need, just as I know all of my colleagues at West Midlands Ambulance Service do too.”


Notes to Editors:

If used, please credit the image to West Midlands Ambulance Service.


  1. This is very well deserved Steve. I’ve seen you on Emergency Bikers and I also know on the work done by WMAS – my brother was at Henrietta Street for years and knows you personally. Congratulations and well done xxx

  2. biker paramedics…so much skill, able to ride a big bike safely in horrible traffic that doesn`t look for bikers, then treat people with all your expert training, knowledge and care, you are all NHS super -men/women

  3. Well deserved Steve and as you rightly say, other paramedics work extremely hard too, so therefore you represent them and accept this for them as well as yourself.

  4. An award well and truly deserved by a great man.Congratulations Steve and thanks for all you’ve done and the lives you have saved over the years.A great achievement and recognition for the work you and all the other ambulance service people do.

  5. Well deserved Steve the handsome of the two lone rangers lol.
    Well done i never miss an episode of biker paramedics I once even went up brum to see your head quaternary hoping to get a glance of your handsomeness but saw mark in the coffee shop he’s a good man also …both heroes of the emergency services. Xx

  6. Well done Steve, as a Blood Biker and Events Manager for our local Blood Bike Group, when I do talks to the public I have a slide of you and Flymow as an example of professional motorcyclists.
    Often members of the public confuse the annoying power-rangers or twist and go bees from the real face of motorcycling.
    You combine your love of motorbikes with the skill set of a paramedic, best of both worlds.

    Keep up the good work, ride safe.

    1. Hi graham sue jobbins he one of kind he lovely he deserve MBE. I wish we could put star in broad st to all emergency services my brother in law worked Bristol rd south as a paramedic love sue xx

  7. Congratulations on your MBE Steve Harris me and my dad have saw you around Birmingham City Centre waiting for your call outs. You are a lovely person to speak to and are very appreciated by all your patients who you care for in birmingham. You deserve to have this award for all your hard work that you and your colleagues do.

  8. SERV Norfolk blood bikes uses his old Yamaha FJR1300 for duties based in Downham Market west Norfolk.

    1. Steve and mark icons of birmingham love sue xx On 13 Jun 2016 10:39, “West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundati

  9. Congratulations Steve, You ALL deserve a lot more than a title, you got me out of my hypo a few years ago @ work in Birmingham City center, a great deal of gratitude to all the emergency services, Awesome work.
    A billion thanks

  10. Congrats! Well deserved indeed! Im a South African female biker & have watched you in action on TV. We can only wish for excellent public service…. some of our state ambulances don’t even carry a pair of scissors on board! Motorcyclists die like flies here because the “golden hour” is only reserved for patients who can afford to pay for private medical aid!!! UK bikers….. you’re truly Blessed to have this man & his fellow Emergency Bikers ever ready to assist.

  11. Hi Steve, I live in Spain and my son Oliver took part in the Birmingham marathon. He collapsed a few meters from the finish line and was rushed to a Birmingham hospital where he recovered. You apparently played a big part in that happenning. Don’t know you, wish i did. Won’t forget you though.

  12. well done Steve. Everytime I’ve met you i’ve been impressed. You’ve gone the extra mile even if its at the end of your shift. Thanks from all those you’ve helped who for whatever reason can’t do it personall. God Bless

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