Three people are lucky to be alive after a branch went through the windscreen of their car

Tree Through Car 1 (25-07-16) - side

Monday 25th July 2016 – 5.45pm – Murray MacGregor.

“It could have been so much worse.”

That’s the view of the ambulance staff who attended a crash which saw a large branch fall off a tree and go straight through the windscreen of a passing car.

The extraordinary incident happened on Rugeley Road on Cannock Chase close to the Beau Desert Golf Club at about 2.30pm this afternoon, Monday.

An ambulance, a paramedic area support officer and the Midlands Air Ambulance from Staffordshire were sent to the scene.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “It appears this was a case of dreadful timing.  A large branch has sheered off a tree just as a car was passing.

“Part of the branch has gone straight through the windscreen of the car narrowly missing the two front seat occupants and struck an 8 year old girl in the back.

“Other road users were quickly on the scene and pulled the branch off the car which has suffered considerable damage.

“The little girl had suffered a nasty puncture wound to her cheek and a broken arm.  She was assessed at the scene by ambulance staff before being airlifted to the paediatric major trauma centre at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The man and woman in the front of the car were largely unscathed by the incident but were understandably very shaken by what happened.

“In one respect, they were incredibly unlucky, but in others they were incredibly fortunate not to have suffered far more serious injuries.”


Tree Through Car 2 (25-07-16) Tree Through Car 3 (25-07-16)

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