V Festival – Update 2

Sunday 21st August 2016 – 7.13am – Murray MacGregor.

Despite the weather, the numbers requiring medical attention at this year’s V Festival at Weston Park have risen only slightly and those needing hospital treatment has actually fallen.

West Midlands Ambulance Service is providing medical cover in partnership with St. John Ambulance.  As in previous year there is a medical centre at the festival.

Since the gates opened, 681 patients have been treated, yet only 11 have required onward transportation to hospital.

As you would expect, injuries from slips trips and falls have featured heavily, but other reasons for accessing medical help have been on-going conditions, and injuries sustained as a result of having drunk too much alcohol.

With the weather looking set to be sunny for much of the day before the chance of more rain this evening, we would urge those heading to Weston Park today to be prepared for all conditions.



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