Ambulance staff resuce man trapped upside down under a barbed wire fence

Tuesday 18th October 2016 – 6.27pm – Murray MacGregor.

A man had to be rescued by ambulance staff after falling down a slope and getting trapped, head down, under some barbed wire.

The unfortunate incident happened on the canal tow path on the opposite side of the water from Fairview Way in Stafford.

Ambulance staff were called at 4.50pm on Monday afternoon.  The man was about 40 metres along the tow path from the bridge that goes over near the junction of Fairview Way and Farmdown Road.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “The man was spotted by a woman out walking her dog.  He was well and truly stuck and had back pain which meant he couldn’t move.

“Due to the location, the crew asked for the Trust’s Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) to attend.

“The 64 year old man was a couple of feet down the embankment under the fence which is up against trees and shrubs.  His feet were up the embankment with his head down.

“The HART team had to cut away some of the fence and branches to be able to access the man and immobilise him so that they could get him out.

“They secured him on a specialist stretcher so that he could be brought back up the slope and he was then carried to the ambulance before he was taken to County Hospital, Stafford for further assessment and treatment.”



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