Crew request help to carry injured patient down 150 steps in nature reserve


Wednesday 2nd November 2016 – 1.10pm – Murray MacGregor.

The thought of carrying a patient with a broken ankle down about 150 steps meant it was time for one ambulance crew to call in a bit extra muscle.

West Midlands Ambulance Service was called to the incident in Wrens Nest Nature Reserve in Dudley at just before 2.00pm on Tuesday afternoon.

A 33 year old woman had been out walking with her husband and their dogs in the beauty spot when she tripped and fell.  Unfortunately, it was obvious that she had hurt her ankle badly so called 999.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Initially an ambulance was sent to the nature reserve but the woman was a good 15 minutes walk into the woods.

“She was able to tell the crew that she had heard a ‘snap’ and was unable to put any weight on the ankle.  Based on the deformity, it was almost certainly broken so after pain relief, the crew splinted the ankle.

“While the crew started to treat the woman they also asked for back up due to the distance and number of steps involved to get the woman out of the nature reserve.

“A second ambulance crew and the Hazardous Area Response Team were sent and together they were able to carry her down the many steps and eventually back to the ambulance after which she was taken to Russells Hall Hospital.




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