Make sure you don’t miss out on #thebestjobintheworld

Wednesday 16th November 2016 – 10.20am – Murray MacGregor.

In the two days since we opened applications for our student paramedic programme on NHS Jobs, over 5,000 people have had a look at the information.

Amazingly, over 130 have already successfully submitted their application for one of the 300 jobs on offer.

However, over 200 more have already failed to apply successfully because they have not met two of the criteria laid out in the application process: to have applied for their C1 licence (if they don’t already have one) and be able to provide original copies of their exam certificates.

Recruitment Coordinator, Nicola Campbell, said: “I would urge anyone looking to apply to make sure that they read all of the information on NHS Jobs thoroughly, particularly the ‘Additional Information’ document that you can download.

“All of the information that you need to be able to apply is there, but some people have apparently missed some of the requirements.

“Looking at the comments on the Trust’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages (search for officialWMAS), there are clearly lots of people interested and excited at the prospect of joining us, which is great.  Please make sure you don’t lose your opportunity by missing out some vital piece of information.”

Details about the role and the application can be found on NHS Jobs here.



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