Car goes up ‘off’ ramp at Spaghetti Junction

Wednesday 15th February 2017 – 6.20pm – Murray MacGregor.

Three drivers have been very fortunate to escape serious injury after a car went up the ‘off’ ramp at the Gravelly Hill Interchange, better known as Spaghetti Junction.

Two ambulances were sent to the scene after the incident at about 3.30pm this afternoon, Wednesday.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “On arrival, ambulance staff found three cars, two badly damaged both with front end damage, and a third at right angles to the road.

“The driver of the dark coloured Vauxhall was an 80 year old.  He was suffering from abdominal pains but no other obvious injury.  After treatment at the scene, he was taken by ambulance to Heartlands Hospital for further assessment.

“The driver of the silver car that had been coming down the off ramp was a man in his 40s.  He had a head injury and appeared slightly concussed.  After assessment, he too was taken to Heartlands Hospital for further treatment.

“The man driving the third car, a Lexus, was uninjured and didn’t want assessed by ambulance staff.

“Considering the location, this had the potential to be a very serious incident and it is more than fortunate that the injuries were not more serious.”


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