Woman rescued using specialist vehicle and stretcher

Wednesday 15th May 2017 – 5.11pm – Murray MacGregor.

A woman who suffered a suspected broken hip, has had to be rescued by the Hazardous Area Response Team due to being across two muddy field and into a wood.

The woman tripped on land to the south of Great Whitley in Worcestershire at about 10.45am this morning.

The woman’s husband managed to get her under cover out of the rain and then had to walk to a nearby property to use their phone due to a lack of mobile signal.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Initially an ambulance was sent, but when the crew arrived and assessed the nature of the injuries, they requested that the Hazardous Area Response team (HART) team be dispatched.

“HART used their Polaris six-wheel drive vehicle to get the majority of the way to the woman and then used their Faretech stretcher to get the patient through the woods to the Polaris.  It then drove her back to the ambulance, where after further checks, she was then taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

“The Faretech stretcher has two large wheels that enables it to be used over rough terrain where normal stretchers can’t.”


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