LISTEN: Head of Security Steve Elliker and Technician Jordan Rowley talk to BBC Radio Stoke about the growing problem of attacks on staff

It’s hard to believe that, on average, one of our staff is physically attacked every single day. According to the figures for 2016-17, there were 362 physical assaults.  On top of that, staff reported a further 525 cases where they were verbally abused.  Often it was in a threatening manner, on other occasions it was racially motivated.

This morning, Steve Elliker, our Security Manager and Jordan Rowley one of operational staff in Stafford spoke to Liz Ellis on BBC Radio Stoke.

Here’s what Steve had to say:

Jordan was physically attacked in May.  Here he tells Liz what it was like to be on the receiving end when all he was trying to do was help someone in need:

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