Punched or kicked, spat at or bitten – what our staff face on a daily basis

In an article in the Shropshire Star today, you can read the views of Operations Manager Dan Stretton on the abuse he and many other staff face on a daily basis.  Sadly, attacks on ambulance staff are rising.  Dan says: “Enough is enough”.
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  1. No one should have to face abuse of any kind when at work but sadly if your work involves dealing with the public abuse will take place. Anyone who works behind a counter will have tales to tell (eg shop, bank, tax office, job search office, garage service counter etc., etc.,). However, as a user of the various services, particularly the paramedics and NHS, please know that I have nothing but praise for the expertise, promptness and compassion shown to me and my family. I am sure that the vast majority of people feel the same – thank you.

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