Driver rescued after car goes 40 feet down embankment

Tuesday 5th September 2017 – 9.55am – Murray MacGregor.

An elderly man has escaped serious injury despite his car going down a 40-foot embankment backwards.

It happened at just before 7.00pm last night on Ounty John Lane in Stourbridge.

The Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) and an ambulance were sent to the scene.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “On arrival, ambulance found a car that had gone backwards down the steep slope and had turned over onto the passenger side.

“The man had been able to climb out of the vehicle through the sun roof but was unable to get back up the slope.

“While HART staff went down to the man to treat him firefighters were setting up a rope line set.

“He was complaining of shoulder and backt pain, but the injuries were remarkably minor considering where his car had ended up.

“The man was immobilised on a specialist MIBS (multi integrated bodysplint stretcher) stretcher and was then lifted back up the embankment to the roadway.

“He was then taken by ambulance to Russells Hall Hospital.”


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