In case you missed it, listen again to Stoke para Matt Harrison talking to BBC Radio Stoke about appearing on #Ambulance tonight


  1. Hi Matt Harrison, I was watching BBC Ambulance program tonight 07/09/17

    I have to personally say to you that I and was really emotionally upset by the way you (more so than your colleague) handled and spoke to the elderly gentleman who kept on calling 999 for an ambulance to take him home.

    My grandfather suffers from Alzheimers, (dementia) and has very similar behaviour traits as this gentleman did.

    These traits include repeating themselves over and over, being forgetful, not fully understanding their actions or the consequences when explained by others. Being quite stubborn to listen and understand others. Thoses are just to name a few.

    I do understand that you may not of known this gentlemans diagnosis and nor do I as the program never did say.

    I just don’t think it really helped the situation when you were frustrated because the gentleman kept on repeating himself and not really understanding his actions when you explained them to him.

    Personally for me it was upsetting to watch as my grandfather who I care for is pretty much the same as this gentleman.

    I do understand it was probably a very frustrating situation for you, but you sometimes need to think beyond your emotions, and really think of the reasons to why this gentleman keeps on doing this. You could do some research for his actions, or find a/his doctor.

    I really feel so sad that it took 17 times for this gentleman to ring 999 to actually get some mental assessment as to why he kept on calling an ambulance to take him home.

    I really do hope in future you can think before you speak to someone in these situations, and remember some of us will actually live until we are elderly, and we don’t know if we could experience something similar/mental health etc that this gentleman is clearly experiencing.

    How would you personally if feel you were spoke to or treated like the way you treated this gentleman!?

    Or if you saw a family member or a loved one in this situation being frustrating spoke to by someone as you did to this gentleman.

    I personally from an outsider looking in would be very upset to see that happen to me or a loved one. As I/theymay not understand what they are doing and the consequences to these actions.

    I am glad that you finally did get this gentleman some mental assessment, and I really hope he is diagnosed and treated accordingly.

    1. Hi Sherrelle

      Thanks for your comments about the programme and we’re sorry you felt that way about Matt. Frequent callers such as this gentleman are often complex to deal with and care for and we therefore work closely with other agencies to help provide the right care. What you must remember in this instance is the programme only provides a snapshot of this particular case due to time availability. We also hope this gentleman is now getting the care he needs. All the best

  2. I do remember in the program this gentleman did refuse help in the past. However that shouldn’t be accepted as if he clearly needed it, but he probably didnt understand this. Again I am so glad he is finally getting the mental assessment and hopefully the help that he needs.

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