Multiple fatalities after crash

Sunday 17th December 2017 – 8.30am – Murray MacGregor.

Six people have died and a seventh is critically injured after a multi-vehicle crash in Birmingham in the early hours of this morning (Sunday).

The crash happened at about 1.10am at the entrance to the underpass on Lee Bank Middleway at the junction of Bristol Road.

Two ambulances were on scene within seven minutes and in total, five ambulances, three paramedic officers, the Hazardous Area Response Team, the MERIT Trauma doctor and The Air Ambulance Service Critical Care Car were all sent to the scene.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “There were six vehicles involved in the crash scene, which was extensive.

“In the first car there were a man and a woman. The vehicle had suffered very extensive damage but astonishingly, despite the damage, the pair had managed to get out and had suffered relatively minor injuries. They were taken to Heartlands Hospital by ambulance for further assessment.

“The second vehicle, a ‘black cab’ was on its side. Sadly, there was nothing that could be done to save the driver and he was confirmed dead at the scene. The man and woman in the back were rapidly extricated. Unfortunately, it was not possible to save the woman and she was also confirmed dead at the scene. The man was taken on blue lights to the major trauma centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham with the MERIT trauma doctor travelling with the crew. Sadly, he died at hospital.

“There were four men from the third car. All had been ejected. Tragically, three of them were confirmed dead at the scene. The fourth was also taken on blue lights to the major trauma centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham with the Critical Care Car doctor travelling with the crew. He was said to be in a critical condition on arrival.

“There were three further cars involved in the crash which had tried to avoid the crash scene.

“Ambulance staff did not see anyone from the first vehicle.

“A man and a woman from the second vehicle suffered minor injuries and were taken by ambulance to Heartlands Hospital for further assessment.

“There were two men in the third vehicle. One was discharged on scene after assessment; the other said he didn’t require any assistance.

“This was an extremely complex and distressing crash scene that required excellent multi-agency teamwork.

“The ambulance service has already debriefed all of the staff involved and will be providing on-going support as required due to the nature of the incident.”



  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families for the pain they are going through and will go through in the future- and please people before you all share this please be aware that the families may see it and trust me it’s hard to see it plastered all over fb

  2. Was the scene of the accident anywhere near Bourne & Co bar?
    And are officers looking for the driver of the ‘first car’? Might have information which could be related..

      1. I think Daniel meant the driver of the first car might have information that might be related…

  3. My thoughts are with the survivors and the families and friends of those who did not make it together with members of the Emergency Services who were involved. I am saddened and disgusted by the graphic images that appeared on social media, obviously taken in the immediate aftermath of the incident. The images clearly showed people who had lost their lives. The posts probably appeared before families were notified of the fatalities. How could anybody show such a lack of respect?

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