Bystander CPR may have saved a driver’s life

Monday 6th August 2018 – 9.55am – Murray MacGregor.

The life of a driver whose car crashed into the stone wall of a barn may have been saved by the swift action of passers-by who went to her aid and started CPR.

The crash happened just before 12.30am this morning near The Old Post Office in Bucknell, near the Shropshire / Herefordshire / Welsh border.

Two ambulances, one from Wales and the other from West Midlands attended the scene along with a West Midlands paramedic officer.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “On arrival ambulance staff found a woman in her 50s who had been pulled from the wreckage of the car she was in with excellent CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) being carried out.

“Ambulance staff took over and managed to get the woman breathing again for herself.  She was immobilised before the crew set off towards the major trauma centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

“However, due to the serious nature of her multiple injuries, the Emergency Operations Centre got the MERIT trauma doctor and critical care paramedic to rendezvous with the crew near Ludlow.

“Once on board they anaesthetised the woman and provided advanced clinical care while the journey on blue lights continued.

“Once again, the actions of those at the scene have given a patient a chance at survival that they otherwise might not have had.  We would urge everyone to learn how to carry out CPR – you never know when you could be called upon to use the skill to save a life of a friend, loved one or total stranger.”


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  1. Basic Life Saving should be part of a school curriculum this would give our FABULOUS ambulance staff more of a fighting chance of achieving ROSC, and better outcomes all round

  2. If CPR and other Life-Saving procedures were taught in ALL schools, the Ambulance Service would achieve more ROSC outcomes, making it better for everyone.

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