Ambulance broken into & kit stolen – can you help?

Thursday 16th August 2018 – 10.00am – Claire Brown.

An ambulance crew, which was parked up on a 999 call, had its window smashed, medical equipment and personal belongings stolen in the early hours of this morning in Stoke-on-Trent.

The incident happened on St Ann Walk in Hanley at around 1.30am this morning. The ambulance crew were treating a patient inside a nearby property and returned to their locked ambulance to find the side window had been smashed and a variety of items stolen.

Steve Rust, Operations Manager at Stoke ambulance hub, said: “It just gets worse! I cannot begin to understand why someone would do this to an emergency blue lighted vehicle which has the sole responsibility of helping people.

“The equipment stolen included oxygen and entonox cylinders, a basic life support response bag and various personal protective clothing used by ambulance staff. A stethoscope and a number of personal belongings were also taken.

“I am just thankful that my staff weren’t hurt in the attack, but the ambulance crew were understandably upset and angry to find their vehicle had been targeted by thieves. The case was immediately reported to Staffordshire Police and we are working closely with them to help identify the culprits.”

Nathan Hudson, the Trust’s Emergency Services Operations Delivery Director, said: “This is a truly appalling incident which really does make you question the morals of some people. This despicable crime has meant an ambulance is off the road and unable to respond to 999 calls whilst it’s being repaired, tax-payers money will now have to be spent to replenish the stolen items and I have two members of staff who have lost a number of personal items.

“It is completely unacceptable that ambulance staff, who are there to help people in their hour of need, are made to suffer by members of the public. Any type of attack against our staff and our vehicles will not be tolerated.”

The Trust is appealing for anyone who witnessed anything suspicious at the time to please contact Staffordshire Police on 101?


Ambulance broken into & kit stolen - can you help 1


  1. I’m appalled at what to the Ambulance and crew.
    I owe my life to paramedics and I am offering a donation to the paramedic whose purse was stolen.
    From Alan. Crawley. West-Sussex

  2. Absolutely appalling what’s happened to society today.
    I worked for Gloucestershire ambulance service for 32years and never ever locked an ambulance ( you should not have to)
    I lost my wallet and keys from my office in ambulance hq so know how you must feel.
    Let me know the amount lost in the purse and I will gladly replace it.

  3. Let’s hope that these imbeciles are never in a situation where they, or someone they love, needs an ambulance quickly, and none are available because someone did something like this to an ambulance.

    In order to fix this, it needs to be off the road and out of action for a while. I hope you grow up soon because I have to tell you – that was as dumb as it gets. Your own mothers could have needed that ambulance. The person being attended to on that day may have needed to be transported to the hospital for lifesaving treatment, too.

    Think yourselves lucky that your gross stupidity didn’t cause a death…

  4. They are the very people that shout very loudly if an ambulance does not arrive quickly enough for them. Totally brainless No respect for the person that required the ambulance /NHS property
    just unbelievable

  5. Their is no reason for this person not to be found and sentenced!
    As we hit winter pressures this just adds to it.
    Please all be safe out there and report all crimes that need to be.
    Cllr Chris Shirley

  6. Absolutely gobsmacked who in this stupid world would steal from a ambulance??? Even though I don’t live in the West Midlands I want to find him and throw him into jail.

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