The passing of a University Student Paramedic

Wednesday 3rd July 2019 – 10.55pm – Jamie Arrowsmith.

It is with great sadness that West Midlands Ambulance Service can confirm the death of a university student paramedic who has died following a collision between an ambulance and a car.

The tragic incident happened at the junction of Anslow Road and Belmont Road at around 5.45pm this evening.  We sent multiple resources to the scene including ambulances, senior paramedic officers, the Midlands Air Ambulance from Cosford and the Midlands Air Ambulance crew from Staffordshire in a rapid response vehicle.

The student was airlifted with critical injuries to the major trauma centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, but sadly she died a short time later.

Two other members of the ambulance crew were assessed at the scene and taken to Queens Hospital Burton for a check-up but were later discharged.

The woman driving the car was transported by land ambulance to Queens Hospital Burton for further treatment for non-life threatening injuries.

The Trust will work closely with officers from the Staffordshire and West Midlands Serious Collision Investigation Unit on the investigation which is already underway.

Trust Chief Executive Anthony Marsh said: “This is an incident that will affect every member of our staff. Our staff deal with difficult incidents every day, but to lose one of your colleagues will always make it that much harder. We are very lucky to have so many student paramedics who want to work with us and it is tragic that someone who showed so much promise has died doing the job that they loved.”




  1. Very sad to hear about this my prayers go out to his/her family and friends at this sad time

    1. So so sad as an emergency Services worker you respond to these calls and you obviously take risks to try and help someone but this is the saddest outcome you can imagine. RIP Angel you will be missed. Xxx

  2. Such sad news, the loss of a young life. thoughts go out to the family friends and work colleagues. RIP

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, paramedics and the whole EMS service. Never a good scene
    Primary Care Paramedic
    Teulon, Manitoba, Canada

  4. Thank you for everything you all do day in day out, I’m so very sorry to hear of Jamie’s passing, my thoughts & love are with her family, friends, colleagues, especially the other paramedics she was working alongside, I hope they recover soon enough as well, a truly sad day, Rest In Peace Jamie and thank you again for devoting your time to try and help save others xx

  5. So sorry to hear this sad news. RIP. Condolences to the deceased family. Thoughts to all of involved helen

  6. Very sad event, my thoughts are with the other crew members and of course the family of the deceased. This will weigh heavy on the hearts of the green family, stay strong guys and stick together, RiP young man.

  7. The death of any colleague is hard to take, especially one that is at the very beginning of their journey into our profession.

    It doesn’t matter wether that person has been with us do 1 year or 40 years, we share a common bond.

    Our thoughts are with the family and everyone else involved in this tragic incident.

  8. So sorry to hear this sad sad news my thoughts go out to all concerned but particularly the young mans family and colleagues
    As ex ( YAS ) I know how hard this will be to digest but his Green family will do all they can to help and support his family and friends
    RIP Jamie

      1. Yes I know please accept my apologies for getting the gender wrong I’ve been trying to rectify the post all day

  9. These teams do so very much every day under some terrible circumstances, just to keep others alive. For this to happen is dreadful & will affect many of the crews deeply. A sad day indeed RIP young paramedic, and speedy recovery to good health to the rest of the team who will be grieving deeply for one of their own. Thanks for all you do xx

  10. I am so saddened to hear this today. My sincere sympathy to her family, friends and colleagues. So much ahead of her.

  11. So very sad to hear, thoughts and prayers go to her family and the people she worked with 😔 thank you 🙏 all for the service you continue to provide in these devastating circumstances 💔

  12. Awful news to read this morning. Thoughts are with her family and colleagues. Another member of the big green family, taken far too soon. RIP xx

  13. As a paramedic within Wmas and a clinical mentor to students – this is devastating.. can imagine what Happened but can’t even begin to imagine how the crew feel 🙁 … so heart breaking – rip- stand down before you had the chance to stand up …. even as a student those families you’d already helped will forever hold you in their hearts …

  14. A young life tragically taken, words never express the pain you must be feeling, stay strong look after each other.
    Deepest condolences to her family and colleagues. Xx

  15. So very sorry for the loss of your colleague Jamie may she fly high and always be remembered xx thankyou Jamie for devoting your short life to care for others condolences to the family and all colleagues at this very sad time xxx

    1. Thank you Sharon. Jamie is the author of the press release, not the name of the student paramedic who has sadly died.

  16. This is absolutely tragic, god bless this poor girl her family and our fabulous paramedics. Sending hugs and strength 💔💔
    So sorry xxx

  17. Every time we go on duty we have to take calculated risks. I’m not sure that we always realise how dangerous our job can be. Much respect to this young lady. RIP.
    From a Paramedic of 27 years, SWAST💚

  18. Such tragic news, my thoughts are with Jamie’s family, friends and ambulance service colleagues RIP

    1. Thank you Sharon. Jamie is the author of the press release, not the name of the student paramedic who has sadly died.

  19. R.I.P to this young Paramedic who put her life above others. Thoughts go out to her friends and family.
    at this shocking and very sad time.
    Thoughts also go out to her family in green. I have been to WMAS and see what fantasic support they offer all staff in cases like this.

  20. As a PEF with NWAS I spend my days looking after our students, watching them grow and blossom, I can’t begin to imagine how the students mentors, colleagues, tutors are feeling.
    Our hearts go out to you all from NWAS this is our worst nightmare.

  21. Such a tragic shame for someone so lovely and wanting to help others. RIP and condolences to her family, friends and crew x

  22. So very sad that a young person as lost her life RIP. my thoughts go to the crew as well

  23. So sad to hear of this tragic event. Life is so very fragile, my thoughts go out to family, friends and colleagues at this very sad time.

    Steve Hunt
    (Ex LAS, KAS. EastAmb)

  24. So sad to hear this news my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of all those involved

  25. May God rest her soul in peace. Really shocked to hear a sad news about a student who was there to save others lives but lost her own. My sympathies with her family.

  26. Saddened to hear of this horrific incident. I currently work with YAS as a ECA .
    Please pass condolences to the family and friends of the student paramedic and my colleagues WMAS .

  27. Such a sad loss of a young Life…💔
    Thoughts with All Involved…💚
    May person R.I.P ⚘🙏⚘

  28. On behalf of all the students and staff of the University of Limerick Paramedic Studies degree programme please pass on sincere condolences to the friends, colleagues and family of this unfortunate student. Our thoughts are with you all at this difficult time

  29. So sorry to hear of the loss of a young and devoted student paramedic, I believe she would have made a number of friends in /out of the service through out her first year of training and possible changed many peoples lives and saving some of them, My thought and prays go to her Family, Friends and colleagues who attend the incident last night from all the 999 services.
    RIP and thank you for your service to WMAS.

  30. We are so sorry to hearing of the tragic passing of a WMAS Student Paramedic but hope that her family can find some peace knowing that she was doing a job she loved and helping others. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
    Rest in peace.
    Lyndhurst and District Community Responders (SCAS).

  31. So sad to hear this.Our thoughts for family and colleagues are in our hearts.
    From Ambulance Operations Manager Mike Hesse at Chester Ambulance Holywell North Wales.

  32. So sad – love and thoughts to you all from your green family at Exmouth Station

  33. So very very sad to learn about this tragic event. Condolences to her family, colleagues and friends. My son is a paramedic with that team as well. They all dedicate their lives to help others and love their job.

  34. so sad my thoughts and prayers to you all and her family and friends rest in peace angel

  35. Please accept our most severe condolences to Jamie’s next of kin family and friends along with all who serve us in the 999 family.
    A tragedy to all concerned. A heartfelt thanks to you for all the work you do for the community who love and care for you wonderful people.
    Whelan family London

  36. Very sad sending all my condolences the services did a fab job she would have made a very good paramedic

  37. A tragedy. Please ensure your students have their seatbelts on when travelling in the back.
    Let this never happen again.

  38. my daughter is a paramedic and i know how they dedicate their lives to help others in mostly a rewarding job, this dear student was at the start of her career and probably has a proud family following and supporting her through her ups and downs that the role brings, Rest in Peace sweetheart our thoughts and prayers are with you and all of your family x

  39. So sad and tragic, the loss of a young life at the start of her career.
    My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends and all Emergency service personnel.
    Tracy from NWAS

  40. On behalf of the Parish Clerk and The Parish Councillors of Hanbury, Staffordshire. Please pass our sincere condolences to the friends, colleagues and family of this devoted young student paramedic. ❤

  41. What a tragic waste of life.
    Words hardly express the way we all feel.
    A young lady who chose to help others.
    So sad.

  42. Wanting to wish the family of the student and the colleges and friends our deepish condolences and heartfelt sorrow from the April 19 intake student paramedics from the University of Cumbria

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