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Murray MacGregor – Monday 30th March 2020 – 5.20pmOur Staffm.

At a time when the country is pulling together to tackle the Corona Virus outbreak, your ambulance service is putting out an appeal to registered paramedics who live in the region to re-join West Midlands Ambulance Service to help treat the increasing numbers of patients.

West Midlands Ambulance Service has already significantly increased its capacity to deal with COVID-19 patients, but we want to go further still to ensure we can provide care to patients in their hour of need and save as many lives as possible.

As a result, we are looking for any paramedics who retired within the last two years or are working in the private sector for the likes of events medical companies who would like to come back into the NHS family to get in touch.  We have also had former members of staff contact us who went on a career break to look after children, offering to come back, which we welcome.

Trust Chief Executive, Anthony Marsh, said: “Over the last couple of years, we know that several hundred staff have retired from our service after giving many years of outstanding care to the public.

“We would like those paramedics to consider returning to WMAS so that we can increase the quality and amount of care that we can provide the public in these challenging times.

“Equally, we have already had a number of paramedics who normally provide medical cover at events such as horse racing come to us to offer their services, for which we are very grateful.

“We want to boost the number of paramedics we have available as much as possible, so re-employing former paramedics and those who work in the private sector who would like to join us makes sense.

Across our country we have seen how much we are all pulling together, from the astonishing scene last Thursday during ‘the big clap’ through to the amazing generosity of companies and individuals towards our staff; now we want to go one step further by increasing the number of paramedics to boost our ability to care for patients even further.

“For those who have retired; I know how much the time you spent with us meant to you; many of you have told me that when we have spoken.  I wouldn’t ask you to re-join if I didn’t think it was the right thing for the public of the West Midlands and our country.”

Those who would like to join the Service either on a short term or long term basis are invited to apply via NHS Jobs and look out for Job Reference: 217-VN488-19-20


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  1. Hello To All The Great Ambulance Crew Members.
    Stay Safe. Everyone. You are All doing A Fantastic Job. In these Difficult Times. This is a Message from a Disabled Adult.
    I just wanted to say A Big Thank You to You All. Best wishes Andy R Tuck

  2. Only a suggestion as an idea could The Service separate Paramedics & Technicians up
    That would also Double up on the

  3. As CFR is there any way I and fellow CFRs can assist. We book on, have full PPE and receive no calls. It’s a bit frustrating wanting to help but not knowing how to. I’m just guessing WMAS has got it covered for CAT1 calls like Cardiac Arrest, Seizures. Cheers Marion

    1. Hi Marion…
      Apologies for the delayed response – it’s a little hectic at present 😉
      Clearly, ensuring your safety is our first priority but as far as i am aware, we continue using CFRs as and where we can.
      In some respects I hope you have had a call now, but in another, i hope you haven’t as that would clearly means someone is not very well – i’m sure you know what i mean.

  4. Hi Paul…thanks for your suggestion. We have substantially increased the number if crews by doing just that. We have brought in some student paramedics who were within weeks of qualifying and have split crews up in the way you describe and paired them with one of the students.

    1. Morning Sir
      Thank you for your reply very much appreciated hope you didn’t mind me suggesting
      This with what is going on @ the moment
      Thank You
      Plz Take Care & Be Safe 🙏👍

      1. I started with West Mids in 2000 on the PTS side based at the Waterfront. When West Mids lost the contract I went to work at City Hospital Birmingham until I retired in 2013.

  5. Hi
    Thank you for the fantastic job you do it is very much appreciated. Do you need drivers to drive ambulances or transfer important drugs between hospitals as they become available? Spent 32 and a half years in the Police in Hereford.

    1. Thanks very much for your kind offer of volunteer help Grant.
      We have been inundated with offers of support, for which we are truly grateful. Therefore, could we point you in the direction of the Government’s plea for volunteers, to which you can sign up here…
      Thanks again

  6. Hi. The advert linked to your artical is for full time substantive staff. I have a job, but can and still want to help, but I don’t really need another substantive role. Will there be an option for bank work?

    1. Good morning Ian…
      I’ve checked with the HR team and yes, you can apply for bank / part time work.
      They said the following:
      On the application form, there will be tick boxes asking for preferences for full/part time work you can tick which is applicable. You wouldn’t be able to do more than 10 hours per week if you are full time already to ensure you don’t breach the working time directive.”
      Hope that’s helpful and thanks again for getting in touch

  7. Hi, I was an IHCD Technician with another trust for the past 9 years but relocated to Staffordshire.. From this I already have Ambulance aid and blue lights. Any contact was naturally referred to NHS jobs on which I am registered anyway. Will you be considering tech roles ? Will there be bank oportunities?

    When the student paramedic programmme opened last time I was unsucessful due to lack of gcse science. If I apply in the future will prior knowledge and experience gained be considered for entrance? Thanks

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