Ambulance staff who were stabbed are ‘stable’ in hospital

Earlier today, two of our staff were stabbed by a man who they had gone to help. Thankfully, our colleagues at West Midlands Police were able to taser the man and save the crew from more serious injury.

The two, a man and a woman are receiving treatment in hospital for their injuries. A 52 year old man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of wounding.

Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer, Nathan Hudson, said: “The situation might have been very different had it not been for the quick action of police officers.”

‪Mr Hudson paid tributes to the ambulance staff who treated their two colleagues who’d been stabbed. 

He said: “There can be nothing worse than going to help people you know who’ve been seriously hurt.  Throughout, they acted impeccably.”


  1. What a despicable act , stabbing the people who turned out
    to help him. He should go to jail for life.

  2. I hope the paramedics get through this, the physical injuries are just the beginning, the mental scars it leaves cannot be trivialised. I too was attacked in this way through carrying out my job and I still bear the mental scars as well as the physical mant years later mainly because people wayback didn’t realise how it affected you mentally. I know they will get the best of care. My prayers are with them, their families, friends and colleagues. I’m also here to help if needs be.

  3. Words for the action of the offender can’t be found today. Thoughts fo all of you at WMAS and the crew, their team, family and friends. The community will be shocked and saddened by this.

  4. Great news and speedy recovery to the crew!! Best wishes from your Irish colleagues!!!

  5. I hope the 2 ambulance staff make a full and fast recovery. And dont suffer PTSD and get the support they deserve. As if it’s not a hard enough time with covid but to suffer this💙💙

  6. An appalling act. Wishing your crew a speedy recovery and sincere thanks to all that attended under very difficult circumstances. Let’s hope that justice is served here!

  7. I hope the crew get better soon and this guy goes to jail.
    I feel like I know all your staff as I watch your show every week on Foxtel.
    I live in Australia and love the show, all the staff are great our favourite is Hanna she is so amazing.

  8. I have a friend who is with WMAS… glad to hear that both Paramedics are now in the safe hands of our great NHS…hope they both have a speedy recovery…my thoughts are with ALL blue light workers Respect to all…

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