Update on ambulance staff who were stabbed

Jamie Arrowsmith – Tuesday 7th July 2020 – 11am.

Two members of staff are continuing to recuperate after they were stabbed by a man they had gone to help yesterday.

Paramedics Michael Hipgrave and Deena Evans were attending a 999 call on Stephens Close in Wolverhampton at about 12.20pm when the incident took place.

Michael was released from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, last night and is continuing his recovery at home.

Deena remains at the same hospital where she is receiving on going treatment; she remains in a stable condition.

Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer, Nathan Hudson, said: “Thankfully, both Michael and Deena are recovering well after yesterday’s ordeal.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the hospital for their assistance and for looking after my members of staff in such a professional and caring manner.”



  1. Hope they both recover 100 per cent.

    Dont know why the man as been release it’s too early.
    They do a good job.
    God bless them

    I work for the NHS.
    It’s a shame we cant send flowers or cards.

    Get well soon.
    NHS worker anne

  2. Really pleased to hear that both paramedics are doing well. Thinking of them both, and wishing them a good recovery.

  3. Deena attended my home last year when I had chest pains and took me to Hospital. A beautiful young lady who put my mind at rest the whole time, made me laugh. Insisted I had a chair to go into A&E despite me protesting and even came to say goodbye when she had to attend another call – a credit to the service. I’m so sorry this has happened to them both and have you both in my thoughts.

  4. I am so glad both Michael and Deena are recovering well. I love the inside the ambulance show following WMAS and thank all the staff for all they do each day. Even more so through these awful and scary times. I hope the attacker is punished properly. Those poor guys were doing their job and trying to help people and to get stabbed whilst on duty is just so so disgusting. Get well soon guys and thank you for all you do. My thoughts are with all the staff concerned especially Michael and Deena. Huge hugs ❤️❤️

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