Man charged over knife attack on paramedics

Press release issued in conjunction with West Midlands Police – Wednesday 8th July – 10.35am

West Midlands Police have charged a man over a knife attack on two West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) paramedics at his Wolverhampton home.

Martyn Smith is accused of stabbing the two members of ambulance staff just after midday on Monday (6 July) as they visited his home in Stephens Close to conduct a safe and well check.

Michael Hipgrave has since been released from hospital having had surgery for cuts to his back.

Deena Evans suffered a knife wound to her chest and remains in hospital in a stable condition.

Unemployed Smith was charged last night with two counts of wounding.

The 52-year-old was remanded in police custody and is set to appear at Wolverhampton Magistrates Court today.

WMAS continues to offer full support to both members of staff, as well as to any of their colleagues who have been affected by this incident.


  1. So he didn’t even get a slap on the hand! No wonder the U.K. is going down the drain. Crime pays!!! And those of us who graft and try to maintain ethics and integrity are the laughing stock 🤬🤬🤬

    1. Hi Angelina…
      Not quite sure why you say that, the man has been charged and after his first appearance has been remanded in custody for a month until his next appearance at Crown Court. Hopefully the courts will deal with him appropriately.

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