Update on ambulance staff who were stabbed

Jordan Eggington – Thursday 9th July 2020 – 12pm.

A paramedic, who was stabbed by a man she’d gone to help earlier this week, has now been discharged from hospital.

Paramedics Deena Evans and Michael Hipgrave were attending a 999 call on Stephens Close in Wolverhampton at about 12.20pm on Monday (6th) when the incident took place.

Stephens Close, Wolverhampton

The Trust is pleased to confirm that Deena was released from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) after suffering a knife wound to her chest. She is now continuing her recovery at home.

After being discharged from hospital earlier this week, Michael is also at home, as he tries to make a full recovery after suffering injuries to his back.

Both Deena and Michael are in good spirits as they recover from their ordeal.  West Midlands Ambulance Service continues to offer full support to both members of staff, as well as any colleagues who have been affected by this incident.



  1. Could someone explain why the Paramedics went into the room this knifeman was in before a Police Officer or have i misunderstood what actually happened ? None of the several reports i have read makes this clear. Hope they both get well soon both physically and mentally we all owe a lot to our wonderful Paramedics

    1. HI there…
      Thanks for your question. The incident actually took place outside the property and the crew were with police at the time. Clearly, given the court case, we can’t go into too much detail.
      Thanks for your well wishes to the staff.

  2. Just so pleased they are healing physically – hope the mental scars can be overcome – thanks for all you do for us, xx

  3. Our thoughts go to the two members of staff and hope they make a full recovery, from Secamb green family

  4. Glad they are recovering well and get so see how much the public really care & appreciate them .

  5. I believe if police wear stab vest why carnt ambulance its safety measures and with the high rate of assaults they deserve protection. To the 2 crew assaulted I send my healing love n thank you for been the paramedics you are .

  6. My very best wishes to the two paramedics. Hoping you make a quick and full recovery.

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