Metal cutters raffle ale to hail NHS frontline

Shaunna Farley. Tuesday 1st September. 2pm.

A metal cutting company in Tamworth have donated almost £300 to West Midlands Ambulance Service to say thank you to the NHS.

MMC Hardmetal UK have raised £270 by fundraising amongst staff by raffling off gifts and drinks which would normally be used in their annual exhibition in April, which unfortunately did not go ahead this year.
With the £270 raised from the raffle, they chose to donate it to Lichfield Hub.

The team from MMC Hardmetal UK visited Lichfield Hub last week to donate the money they had raised.
Alex Saboulis, General manager at MMC Hardmetal UK said: “We decided to donate the money raised to West Midlands Ambulance Service as in the recent months we’ve all been so affected by the pandemic so we wanted to give something back to the NHS and key workers and we wanted to keep it local as we’re based in Tamworth, so Lichfield Ambulance Hub was local to us.”

Alex and the team at MMC Hardmetal are hoping that the money can be used towards something memorable for staff at Lichfield Hub. MMC Hardmetal hope the fundraising can become something the company can do annually.

Dean Jenkins, Senior Operations Manager at Tollgate said: “It’s really humbling when you get members of the public who want to donate, as really we’re just doing our job. Donations like this one allow us to spend money on and improve things like our memorial garden on site at Lichfield Hub and really prove that people value us and appreciate the ambulance service, which is nice for the staff to see, especially now as we’re going through a global pandemic and staff have been coming to work and potentially exposing themselves to that, as just part of their job.”


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