The women working the NHS frontline

Shaunna Farley. Tuesday 22nd December. 13:25pm.

This year has been unlike any other, and it has been a particularly significant year for the NHS.

Two female members of staff have been featured in national magazines, telling all about their experiences working the NHS frontline this year.

Charlotte Stubbs, Paramedic from Dudley has been featured in an article for Stylist, a UK Health and Lifestyle magazine, the article focusses on some of the women of the NHS who will be working this Christmas Day.

While many of us tuck into turkey, many NHS staff like Lottie will be working over the festive period as unfortunately, emergency calls don’t wait until after Christmas.

When asked what working Christmas Day was like, Lottie answered: “I’ve worked most Christmas Days from the age of 17. This year I will be working across Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and the 27th of December. I’ve never minded working on Christmas Day, though, as all the patients we meet are usually so jolly and everyone is in really high spirits!”

Karina Graham, Paramedic from Hollymoor is featured in Harpers Bazaar and talks about her experiences working on the frontline throughout the pandemic.

Karina said: “Through all the difficulties Covid-19 has brought the NHS, my colleagues, whatever their role, have stood side by side supporting each other and ultimately the health system itself. I am proud of what we’ve achieved.”

You can find the full Stylist article featuring Lottie here: and you can find the Harper’s Bazaar article featuring Karina here


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