Trust’s electric fleet continues to charge ahead

Jordan Eggington – Wednesday 21st April 2021 – 5pm.

It’s not just frontline vehicles that are starting to get a modern and greener makeover – so is the Trust’s support fleet. After launching the first fully electric emergency ambulance at the end of last year and announcing the introduction of two fully electric Operational Manager response cars last month, the Trust continues to build momentum in its commitment to become greener.

Although the latest additions to our electric fleet look suspiciously like London taxi cabs, they’re certainly not for picking you up after a night out on the town! They are in fact four brand new London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) VN5 vans, supplied by Guest Truck and Van, representing another step forward in the Trust’s commitment to reducing emissions across the support fleet by 80% by 2028.

These vans will bolster the Trust’s IT team’s ability to operate across the West Midlands in an environmentally friendly way. The VN5 can achieve a range of over 60 miles (98km) using electric and a total flexible range of over 300 miles (489km).

Tony Page, Head of Fleet and Facilities with WMAS, said: “As a Trust we are looking carefully now at sustainability. We launched the UK’s first electric ambulance in October 2020, recently added two electric response cars to the frontline, and are continually assessing our support fleet to make changes where possible. The VN5 is a perfect choice for our IT support team, whose journeys can vary according to demand, thanks to its extended electric range and low emissions.”


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