Join us for our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday

Claire Brown – Monday 26th July 2021 – 2.20pm.

“Our staff and volunteers never fail to amaze me with their dedication to ensuring we overcome the challenges that are thrown at us.”

The words of West Midlands Ambulance Service Chief Executive, Anthony Marsh, ahead of the Trust’s Annual General Meeting later this week.  The meeting, which will be held online for the second year due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic will provide a review of 2020-21 and also look ahead to the rest of the current year and beyond.

Chief among the review will be the extraordinary lengths that staff and volunteers, from all sections of the organisation, went to during the height of the pandemic.  It will also review the Trust’s Quality Account and financial statements.

The meeting takes place via Microsoft Teams on Wednesday (28th July) at 4.00pm and provides an opportunity for members of the public to meet with the Board of Directors, representatives from the Council of Governors and staff from the service.

Mr Marsh said: “There is no question that 2020-2021 was the most difficult year ever for the service and the NHS as a whole because of the pandemic. It was a year where we’ve recruited hundreds of additional frontline staff: in our control rooms; paramedics on ambulances; students who joined us from university; and volunteers who assisted us in a variety of roles.  Together, we were able to provide a first rate response to the most pressure we have ever felt, thus saving countless lives. 

“The outstanding professionalism, continued dedication and hard work from staff and volunteers is something everyone in the West Midlands should be proud of; I know I am.” 

WMAS Chairman, Prof, Ian Cumming, added: “There is no question that 2020-21 was a year that saw unprecedented challenges for the NHS. When I was appointed as the new Chairman of the Trust towards the end of 2019, little could I have imagined what a first year it would be. 

“In my experience, ambulance staff are generally very modest people who see the most difficult and demanding task as part of their job. Nothing could have prepared us for last year and our staff and volunteers should be justifiably proud of the part they all played.

“Thank you for all you have done for WMAS and our patients.  Sadly, I fear that your skills will be called upon many more times more during the current year as the pandemic continues.  

“I would also pay tribute to the role that our Council of Governors has played in helping the Trust achieve some of its goals as well as capture feedback from patients about their experiences of using our services.”

To join our Annual General Meeting please click here.


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