Lifesaving Butcher Awarded With Commendation in Brierley Hill

Shaunna Farley – Wednesday 6th October – 10.15am. 

A butcher has been presented with a Public Commendation from West Midlands
Ambulance Service after he administered CPR to a member of the public who
suffered a cardiac arrest.

Gordon Tranter, Assistant Manager at Alan Warwick Butchers, performed CPR
when a member of the public collapsed outside of the butchers on the 17th

Gordon recognised that the woman had suffered a cardiac arrest and was able
to call 999 and begin administering CPR, something that he had no previous
training or experience in doing.

When a cardiac arrest happens, every moment counts in the fight to save a
life. Every minute a person in cardiac arrest goes without CPR or
defibrillation, their survival chances reduce by 7-10% and in 2020, the Resus
Council reported that only one third of people in the UK would be confident
performing CPR on a stranger.

On Thursday, Gordon was presented with a Public Commendation Award for his
lifesaving actions. Gordon was presented the award by Andy Jeynes, Community
Response Manager, alongside Councillor Adam Davies from Dudley Council.

Andy said: “It was a great opportunity to meet Gordon, he represents a
number of people who have saved a life by performing Basic Life Support. It’s a
life skill similar to riding a bike, once you can do it you will never forget.

“It would be fantastic if more people were confident like Gordon to give it
and go as absolutely anything you do is better than nothing at all.

“The benefits of improving bystander CPR is evidenced around the world where
the highest bystander CPR rates are linked to the highest survival rates from
sudden cardiac arrest.

“At the moment, over 68,000 people suffer a sudden cardiac arrests in the UK
every year.

“If this happens in front of a bystander who starts CPR immediately
before the arrival of the ambulance, the patient’s chances of survival

Adam said: “Like so many people, I was genuinely inspired by what
Gordon did. The way he acted so instinctively and saved a life, I assumed he’d
had CPR training – so when he told me he’d only ever seen CPR given on TV I was
even more inspired. That’s why I reached out to Andy Jeynes from West Midlands
Ambulance Service to make sure this selfless act of bravery got the recognition
that it deserves.

“My bigger hope is that Gordon’s example will also encourage others to
step up when duty calls. That’s why I’ve also created the Best of Brierley Hill
Award to further raise awareness of these kind of acts of bravery here in the
Brierley Hill ward, and to recognise brilliant local people such as Gordon who
step up and act with no expectation of thanks or reward.”



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