Ambulance Lifesavers Meet Baby Girl who Defied the Odds

Shaunna Farley – Tuesday 4th October 2022 – 10.30am.

A mother and daughter who beat all of the odds of survival have been reunited with the ambulance crews who helped save their lives.

Natasha Lyndon, her partner Chris and their 16-week old daughter, Adelaide from Solihull had an emotional reunion with the ambulance crews who came to their aid in June when Natasha started bleeding heavily at home.

Paramedic Richard Brennan and Technician Francesca Pinder from Erdington Hub together with paramedic Adil-Islam Choudhury and Technician Chloe Cooper from Hollymoor Hub attended the category 1 emergency, which is the highest priority call.

Chris said: “I was trying my best to remain calm for Tash and rang 999 immediately.  It was a huge relief when the ambulance arrived so quickly. They were so calm and reassuring at a critical time.”

Natasha said: “When the crews arrived in the middle of the night, I was losing blood profusely and didn’t know what was happening.”

Richard said: “When we arrived, we knew how serious Tash’s condition was and how quickly we would have to work. Our training instantly took over. We hoped for the best for Tash and Adelaide but we usually don’t find out any further information about patients once we hand them over at hospital.”

Francesca said: “At serious incidents like this, you really do go into autopilot and instantly act on your training to deliver the best possible care to the patient and ultimately, save the patient’s life.”

Natasha was conveyed to Heartlands Hospital due to a placental abruption where Adelaide was delivered by an emergency caesarean section 10-weeks premature and stayed on the neonatal ward for 61 days. Adelaide has since defied the odds set against her and is now breathing without oxygen support and is making progress each day.

Upon recovering in hospital, Natasha made it her mission to get in touch with West Midlands Ambulance Service to pass her thanks to the crews who helped her, which led to them being reunited at Warwickshire Ambulance Hub on Friday.

Speaking at the reunion with the family on Friday, Adil-Islam said: “It was wonderful and rewarding to see both mother and daughter doing so well after attending to Tash, who was in a terrible condition, big thumbs up to everyone that was involved in getting mother and daughter to the right place of care at the right time.”

Chloe said: “Adelaide is a miracle baby, we could have never imagined being able to see and hold her and see how much progress she has made.”

Francesca added: “With a job like this one, we really didn’t think the chances of a positive outcome were high. Even less did we think we’d be able to see Tash, Chris and Adelaide like this today. It’s so rewarding and such an honour.”

Natasha added: “If the crews had not been so quick thinking and efficient at getting us safely to hospital, Adelaide and myself would not be alive today. There are not enough words to say how grateful Chris and I are for their actions on that night.”


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