Council of Governors

West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust was authorised as a Foundation Trust in January 2013 and licensed as an NHS Health Service Provider on 1st April 2013.

The Council of Governors represents the local community, staff and key stakeholders interests. It consists of Public Governors, Staff Governors and Appointed Governors. Each of the Staff and Public governors are elected by their local communities or staff group via a ballot.

The role of the Governor can help shape the future of the ambulance service. Governors can contribute to key decision making and see first hand how the front line works by undertaking observational shifts with our dedicated ambulance crews.

A principle duty of the Council of Governors is to appoint the Non-Executive Chair and up to 6 further Non-Executive Directors. The Council of Governors then has the collective duty of holding the Non-Executive Directors accountable for the performance of the Board of Directors in delivering against its strategic/forward plan. The Non-Executive Directors (appointment by the Council of Governors) are then responsible for appointing the Chief Executive and 5 further Executive Directors to the Board of Directors as allowed for under the terms of our constitution.

In addition, Governors are asked to sit on a variety of panels to assist in the development of the service and making recommendations to the council for determination, ensuring the best care possible is delivered to the community.

In order to help assist Governors in carrying out their roles the Foundation Trust must take steps to ensure that the Council of Governors are equipped with the skills and knowledge they require to carry out their duties.

Council of Governor Meetings

The meetings of the Council of Governors are required by statue to be chaired by the Chair of the Board of Directors. Meetings are held at least four times a year and are open to the public. The council can resolve to move into a private session to discuss a matter or matters; the reason for the more must be stated and recorded in the minutes. This is usually to enable the Governors to discuss matters of a confidential nature. To view the meeting schedule and the latest meeting papers please click here.

The Annual Meeting of the Council of Governors is combined with the Annual Meeting of the Membership. At this meeting the Annual Accounts and any report of the auditor are received and considered. It also provides an opportunity for the Board of Directors to present the Annual Report.

For more information about the Council of Governors and for more information about becoming a Governor please contact the Governor and Membership Office via or telephone 01384 246323.