How is WMAS Performing?

Ambulance Clinical Quality Indicators

A system of performance statistics is available for all ambulance services.  Constantly monitoring our performance is essential as it is a vital indicator of how well we respond to patient need and how we can ensure standards of care are not only maintained but continuously improved upon.

Unlike previous measures, the Ambulance Clinical Quality Indicators measure more than just the ambulance response times; they look more broadly at the overall quality of care.  Time is still measured as it is a significant risk factor for treating patients – response time targets for the most seriously ill patients remain the same.

All NHS ambulance services must respond to 75% of Category A / Red emergency calls (immediately life threatening) within 8 minutes and 95% within 19 minutes of an ambulance being requested by the clinician on scene.

For other less seriously ill patients, timeliness is measured in a more clinically relevant manner, for example, the time for a qualified healthcare professional to arrive at the scene.

Read our Explanation Document to find out more information about the performance table and why we are measuring it.

National ACQI Dashboard


Details of the latest national ambulance service quality and performance reports, which show how West Midlands Ambulance Service is doing in each area compared to all the other ambulance services in England, can be found by selecting the AQI site image.

The graphs and charts show the patient outcomes and performance information for Red calls, cardiac arrest survival rates, time to answer calls, number of transported incidents to A&E and many others.

  • Select the AQI site image and the website will open in a new window. 
  • Once within the AQI site, a map of the UK will be shown – use the drop down menu or click on the West Midlands area on the map to take a look at our latest results.
  • Select the required ‘Quality Report’ from the menu box and change the view, by selecting ‘Infographic Report’ or ‘In-depth Report’ on each option.
  • Details of the source data for the graphs/charts can be found by following the link at the bottom of the AQI site homepage, where you will be taken to the NHS England site.
  • Details of the source data can be found by selecting the Download ACQI Dashboard.