Equality Objectives

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Objectives 2012 – 2016

Our aim is to become an exemplar organisation, in delivering and communicating respect and dignity and fairness for all, through our Strategic Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Objectives 2012- 2016. We will continue to build on making real improvements that can be sustained over time. We will focus on the things that matter the most for our patients, communities and staff.

edi-easy-readAn Easy Read version of our Strategic EDI Objectives is also available.

By the Trust fully endorsing the Equality Delivery System (EDS), which is an NHS Equality and Diversity framework, to deliver better outcomes for patients and staff, we have been able to identify and implement real action, which will meet the needs of our staff and service users who share the relevant protected characteristic group. Our EDS Grading outcome can be viewed here.

The diagram below illustrates the process, activities, data and information used to formulate our Equality Diversity and Inclusion strategic objectives for 2012- 2016.



The Annual Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Report was passed by the Board of Directors in June 2014 and provides an annual review of the Five Strategic Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Objectives of the past year with regards to the progress made with each EDI objective. The report highlights key areas of achievement and successes as well highlighting key areas for development in the EDI agenda.

Over recent months, the Trust has seen substantial progress in the delivery of the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda. The report provides a summary of the key achievements for the year 2013/14, in relation to meeting the Trust’s Strategic Equality Objectives.

Together, these reports ensure that the Trust is best placed to meet our statutory equality duties and in keeping with the Government’s transparency agenda they allow the public to judge our progress.  In 2014-15 we will continue to implement the Equality Delivery System (EDS) and demonstrate our compliance with the Equality Act.

The Trusts Equality Data Analysis Report based on workforce and service monitoring reports are available within our Equality Data Analysis page.

Historical EDI Annual Reports can be found within our Annual Reports on our Publications page.


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