Our Strategy


Having carried out a strategic review and various consultations during 2020-21, the Board of Directors re-affirmed our vision, the vision from 5 years ago is more relevant now than ever, as bringing the right care to our patients, in the right place at the right time has never been more important – it is the core tenant of the Urgent and Emergency Care section of the current NHS Long Term Plan and a central part of why ICSs have developed.

In addition to reaffirming our Vision, the Board reviewed our values, to respect the need to tackle the climate emergency, we introduced an additional value of “Environmental sustainability”, this value has been endorsed by our staff and partners.

Having been signed off in 2020, the Board of Directors has completed its latest review by reviewing the Strategic Objectives once more to ensure they set the right ambition for WMAS to align individual strategic priorities against.  The agreed Strategic Priorities will be embedded within directorate strategies and work plans and will be monitored regularly to demonstrate achievement.

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A high performing organisation with professional, engaged, empowered and valued staff who learn from each other to be the best we can together in order to deliver the best possible care and outcomes for our patients and service users. Cutting edge and innovative using the best evidence.


We all do the right thing for our staff, volunteers and students, our patients and service users, the organisation and the system with candour.


We believe that showing genuine concern about the needs of others through our actions fosters appreciation and tolerance, leading to a sense of safety in the workplace.


We treat everyone with dignity, respect, fairness and integrity, valuing difference.


We are committed to upholding our values and behaviours and holding others to account for them.